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by:Coolmay     2020-07-07
= of PLC controller Programmable Logic Controller, Programmable Logic Controller, a digital computing operation of electronic systems, specially designed for applications in industrial environment. It USES a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process.

PLC communication ways mainly have RS232 and RS485, PPI/MPI, PROFIBUS DP/PA/FMS field bus and Ethernet bus, DEVICEnet bus, and wireless network communication a variety of ways. As the limitations of local communication control, remote communication control network, using the wired and wireless way slowly into the mainstream. Ethernet front-end ports communication and wireless network communication slowly in PLC remote control to replace the original way of a serial port or local bus control.

the front end 433 m wireless bond DTU, independent network equipment hin way, through the RS485 bus through the modbus RTU protocol, point to multi-point PLC master-slave relationship between applications, with a debugger via a serial port line touchscreen local wireless remote monitoring software. Among the back through the bus and hin DTU products through the GPRS/CDMA network through kingview software virtual serial port ( IO/equipment) Wireless remote management of man-machine interface monitoring.

using 433 m wireless ad-hoc network, realizes the RS485 bus wiring. Through wireless hin back bond DTU, realize point-to-point ( Point to multipoint) Wireless communication mode. Save the manual wiring cost and simplify the construction schedule.

wireless ad-hoc network mode summary to touch-screen monitor configuration and unified management, have cascading wireless communication module, realize remote group wang remote control software, minus the artificial inquiry, to realize unattended operation system. Improve the management of centralized remote interface, realize the remote control, reduce the late operation and maintenance costs.

xin Yang DTU SMS cat S - bond DT411 is wireless collection and transmission control terminal, can realize remote and kingview software of the remote control interface, at the same time have SMS receiving center and control function, can at any time the query information such as PLC real-time analog and switch quantity, at the same time, you can achieve by SMS command PLC remote configuration changes and remote parameter configuration.

using 2 g / 3 g / 4 g system to guarantee the coverage and popularity of the network, support operators APN/vpN, encryption communication effectively guarantee the safety of APN private network data communication. DTU bring back the nations at the same time also can overlay hin DES, AES, 3 DES encryption, single/double wireless encryption. To ensure the security of data communication and reliable. Now guaranteed the safety of the industrial automation control effectiveness.

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