PLC wiring diagram - encoder and the proximity switch input and output

by:Coolmay     2020-07-09
All kinds of PLC input circuit is roughly same, usually there are three types. One is 12 ~ 24 v dc input, another kind is ac 100 ~ 120 v, 200 ~ 240 v input, the third class is ac/dc input. External input device can be passive or active sensor input contacts. All these external devices will be through PLC terminals connected to the PLC controller, to form a closed active circuits, so the power supply must be provided.

1。 Passive switch wiring FX2N series PLC only dc input, and inside the PLC, the input end with the internal 24 v power supply connected to the anode, COM end connected to the cathode, see figure 1. In this way, the passive switch input, provide separate without power. This and other kind of PLC is very different, in the future when using other PLC, attention should be paid to read the instruction carefully.

2。 Proximity switch wiring proximity switch refers to itself needs power drive, have certain voltage or current switch output sensors. Switch quantity according to the principle of its points, there are many kinds of sensors, detection can be used for different occasions, but according to the signal lines can be divided into three categories: two line, three line type, four-wire type. Four line is likely to be at the same time provide a dynamic contact and a dynamic contact, in the actual use only one of them; Or is the fourth thread for sensor calibration line, check the line not connected to the input terminal of PLC. In either case, therefore, can be reference to three line wiring. Figure 2 for the PLC controller and sensor connection diagram. Two line for a signal wire and power cable. Three line of positive and negative power supply and signal lines respectively. Different effects of wires with different colors, said the definition of this color has a different definition method, when used refer to relevant specifications. Figure 2 ( b) As shown in definition for a common color. Signal lines for black to move jewels; Dynamic fault type with white wires.

NPN is seen sensor, and is a common form. Connection for PNP sensor and PLC, cannot copy this kind of connection, to refer to the corresponding information.

3。 Rotary encoder wiring rotary encoder can provide high speed pulse signal, often used in the numerical control machine tools and industrial control. Different models of the encoder output frequency, phase number is different also. Some encoder outputs A, B, C three-phase pulse, only two phase pulse, only one phase pulse ( As A phase) , 100 Hz and 200 Hz frequency, 1 k Hz, 2 k Hz, etc. When the frequency is low, the PLC controller can response; High frequency, the PLC will not be able to respond to, at this point, the output of the encoder signal to receive special function module, FX2N - Such as the FX2N - 11 c 11 hc high speed counting module.

figure 3 for the type FX2N PLC and OMRON E6A2 - C series rotary encoder interface diagram.

4。 Mitsubishi PLC terminal wiring diagram in the engineering practice, the general input and output devices can't be directly connected to the PLC. PLC and the multiple output terminal of the public a COM port, it is impossible to on a terminal connection few dozen wire, even so, must through the terminal connection. Terminal row is usually composed of multiple terminals installed on the guide rail side by side. Every piece of terminal two mouth is short of, can according to need each piece of terminals short together.

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