Products based on Siemens PLC and field bus technology in the application of the paint coating production line - vehicle Automotive electronics -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-24
1, the introduction

field bus control technology has been widely applied in automobile, petrochemical, electric power, building automation and other fields. The profibus - Dp is a kind of open, internationalization, does not depend on fieldbus standard of equipment manufacturers, is a kind of high-speed, low-cost communications, developing rapidly in recent years. This paper introduces the PLC controller, and configuration software and profibus - Dp fieldbus applied in vehicle paint coating production line, the line greatly reduces the investment cost, make the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance workload significantly reduced.

2, the production site to introduce

the vehicle paint coating production line has two independent production line, production line by preheating chamber, primer spraying chamber, primer double-position drying room, spray paint room, paint double location of drying room and marked with part-time job. Body spray room by room, for the wind, exhaust system, paint mist treatment system, air purification system, combustible gas detection alarm system, three-dimensional workbench, fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system and electric control system. Drying room by room, heating and hot air circulation system, filter device, the waste gas processing system, combustible gas detection alarm system and electrical control system. Painting line has total control room, the configuration console, control cabinet and power distribution cabinet, all the equipment the profibus - the whole line Dp bus through the communication interface equipment installed network, through the industrial computer in the control rooms each remote monitoring equipment. The technological process of the plant is as follows: preheating, spraying primer, flow ping, paint drying, paint spraying, flow ping, paint drying, a little, play tag. 3,

the basic component of the electric control system of industrial control system adopts a research China, two sets of Siemens touch screen tp177a, two sets of Siemens s7 - 300 series PLC, profibus - Dp network.

is the purpose of the application of touch screen in order to stop blower, exhaust fan, burning machine equipment, such as monitoring the equipment is working correctly, realize the function of fault alarm, at the same time, application of touch screen can reduce wiring, easy to maintain. 2008 for touch screen using simatic wincc flexible configuration, simatic wincc flexible 2008 Siemens company is fully integrated industrial automation products, is a machine automation concept oriented HMI software. Wincc flexible user interface for configuration, in order to implement and monitor the machine and equipment operation. Wincc flexible with wincc very similar, configuration software, which based on touch screen, which is based on industrial PC.

simaTIcs7 - 300 PLC controller has quick computing speed, strong function, good generality, high integration, etc, can satisfy completely the requirements of the system control and process. The PLC configuration for cpu315 - 2 dp, ps307 5 a power supply, switch input module and module ( 32 points) 5 pieces, switch output module module ( 32 points) 3 pieces, a total of 256 points, two lines a total of 512 points. In the research of China industrial pci slot with a piece of cp5611 card, used to make the profibus communication between PC and simaTIc s7 connection. Industrial monitoring configuration software can use force control force control 6. 1. Force control forcecontrolv6. 1 monitoring configuration software is Beijing sunway technology based on the current trend of the development of automation technology design and development of high-end products, it has a print, trend curve, alarm, record and other functions, compared with the early force control products, power point 6. 1 products in data processing performance, fault tolerance, interface containers, reports, etc have improved significantly.

4, system configuration design step 7 is used for simaTIc programmable logic controller for the configuration and programming of standard software package. It is part of simatic software industry. It can be set up and manage projects for hardware and network configuration and distribution parameters, management of symbols, to create the program, download the program to the programmable controller, test automation systems, diagnostic equipment failures [5] [6]. This system using the latest version of simatic manager step7 v5. 4. According to the requirement of design using the software hardware configuration is shown in figure 1.

figure 1 hardware configuration

network configuration of profibus Dp network, set the upper machine and lower machine respectively different network addresses, join into the network, the network configuration is shown in figure 2.

figure 2 network configuration according to process requirements

write user program. User program by the tissue pieces of ob, function block fb, fc, block of data of db. Then using simatic wincc flexible configuration screen 2008, the first is set a variable, with s7 - 300 connections, and then make monitoring picture, connect the variables with each object, the configuration to the touch screen after the completion of the download.

for industrial control force control configuration and touch screen configuration basic same, industrial computer to monitor the state of two production lines at the same time. To define I/o Settings, and then define the database variables. Finally make monitoring picture, and connect the variables with each object, the equivalent of images of various objects connected to field devices. Picture showing the current running status of equipment, such as start-stop, operation and fault alarm information and expressed in different color, animation, etc. As shown in figure 3 is to monitor the picture, the picture image intuitive to track down the cause of the accident, to provide reliable information.

figure 3 monitoring picture

5, the complimentary the vehicle paint coating production line has been built an overlook of liaoning province run past time, this production line is greatly reduces the operating, maintenance personnel's labor intensity, greatly improved the stability of the system.

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