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by:Coolmay     2020-07-03
Panasonic FP - XH series PLC controller itself can only take six axis, the other two axes are 485 stepper driver and touch screen communication, can realize eight axis positioning! Don't need to add module! MODBUS - principle and frequency converter and touch screen 485 communication! Learned to use 485 stepper drive, mitsubishi can easily play with five or six axis!


to get down to business under the first to introduce 485 stepper drive hardware wiring, 485 drive, there are two communication terminal ( This is not nonsense? 485 a, 485 b with our nylon touch screen ( This I use TK6070IP) COM2 feet in 1, 2, wrong it doesn't matter, it is good to a change!

there are communication Settings ( Look at the picture) Note: SW1 on the drive to the 485 SW8 dial the code switch is used to set the station number and the baud rate, don't make a mistake! ( Look at the picture) Communication must be set before! I this is 485 drive has six input two output, use the four input output 1, selection of time according to their own needs to choose input and output points, the two more the price will be a little bit more expensive! The function of the input point is used to trigger the positioning and back to the origin, the output is positioned to complete signal, the input and output points entirely with PLC controller general Y rising along the trigger can! ( Look at the picture of the definition of the following points) 。

and motor wiring like ordinary drive! Hardware connected line, we'll be found in the brochure we need register, ( Look at the picture) I used to register below all together! And then we'll fill in the register address the touch screen. Here are very attention, nylon address begins with 1, so find out the address to write on the touch screen when you need to add 1, otherwise parameters write wrong!

if you use other touch screen, get to know the mailing address is how to arrange, some starting from 0, some starting from 1, there is the possibility of starting, 1 1000, so must find this address in order to correct parameters. When you parameters set up can start position! There are two axis is doing the rotation Angle positioning, segmentation I set it to 3600, such good computing! I have here only two position, take up the two dots trigger, and there's a back to the origin of trigger, one is the origin of signal input! Output output is positioned to complete! 485 stepper driver is basically playing like that! Such as useful to refer to, write also is not very good, have a wrong place please the seniors pointed out!

technology industrial zone 4. Zero transition four big main trend must learn BLDC motor control method of motors, turns its efficiency, simple control pump rising voltage circuit design of PLC control system design need to be aware of the following items when Siemens S5 PLC controller control system common fault handling methods
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