Realize the HMI screen switch three steps -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-19
Often in our project, sometimes need through PLC controller external variables to switch, touch screen images, for example, I hope that after pressing a button, touch screen frame can automatically switch to the we want a picture, not to press switch button to switch on the touch screen picture.

let's take a look at below for Siemens touch screen, if need to implement this function should be how to do it. In the Siemens touch screen, a lot of functionality is achieved by calling the system function. Also, we need to switch on the image function can also be by calling the system function to switch.

need to realize we have just said this function, we need three parts to complete.

first, creating good variables on a touch screen, the data type of the variable of type INT, such as establishing variable for VW0, inside variable attributes 'event' column, select 'change value', and then call system function after 'ActivateScreenByNumber' call the system function, in 'the picture number' this choice we just established this variable VW0.

second, the establishment of the inside of the image attributes of the inside of the 'normal' item number 'picture' column in the face of each frame set number, note: serial number cannot be repeated.

third, write PLC program, such as I need to press the I0. 0 after the button, switch to the picture number is 2, then USES I0 inside the PLC controller program. 2 0 through a transfer instructions transmitted to VW0 inside, so that the touch screen will automatically switch to the picture number 2 picture, if you need to switch to the number 3, then to transfer 3 to VW0 inside.

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