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by:Coolmay     2020-06-26

industrial control and other areas, any new design of the key is how to make the system high efficiency as much as possible. Improve the efficiency of system has many benefits. First of all, increased efficiency, reduces the overall system power consumption budget, so as to realize saving energy and reduce costs; Second, don't have to rely on the same as before expensive heat cooling system; Finally, the power consumption of pressure is reduced, thus system integration can be further improved. For many applications, this can be implemented by the software, such as the control system of key events, planning process of running time and downtime or shut off the non-critical component in the process. But for the most need to process control application of the continuous monitoring of process variables, the system it is impossible to enter power saving mode. And some other applications are too complex, make the system offline was expensive and time-consuming. For these applications, therefore, to save electricity, it must use efficient and intelligent integrated circuit device, need only realized on the position and power when needed. Summary of PLC controller

in figure 1 is a kind of typical industrial control system. Industrial control systems can be used in industries such as machinery and factory control, also can be used for oil pressure, pressure testing, and process control applications such as liquid velocity. According to the information received from the remote site, the system automatically or by operators will monitor the push command to the remote site control device, is usually referred to as the field device. The field device control of local operations, such as open and close the valve and circuit breaker, collecting data from sensor system, and monitoring the local environment is to alarm conditions and so on. Shown here in the PLC rack system usually contains a power supply module, a processor module, as well as multiple analog I/O and digital I/O card. Each analog or digital I/O card with a remote sensors and actuators, communication form can be digital or analog voltage and current.

typical PLC architecture figure 1

watch analog I/O card, you can see the input change in large scale, from the sensors, Such as RTD or thermocouple) A small signal input to the analog current or voltage input, For example, 4 - 20 ma or & plusmn; 10V) Range. Most of the time, has the very high input impedance voltage input. To the input current, the average will termination detecting resistor of resistance is relatively small. Therefore, in terms of system total power consumption, and analog input card is often quite efficient, usually only 1 w power consumption ~ 2 w. And the analog output is completely rendered another trend. Current and voltage output are effective drive to the unknown load, so the module design personnel need to ensure that the output under the condition of the fault can be protected, such as short circuit or wiring error event. Designers is to protect the IC, and to ensure that the module the lowest power consumption. According to the channel number inside the card, usually up to 10 w power consumption.

can be inserted into the PLC frame the size of the typical I/O card slot has been shrinking over the past 10 years, is now in the production of 8 channel module in general is a 90 mm&TImes; 70 mm, height about 23. 5 mm module. Industry trends in the future is still the size narrowed, and this is actually a market-driven demand. At the same time, the channel and the need to increase the number density or, both to improve module function, and can increase the price competitiveness. Obviously, for a given size of these modules, power consumption is becoming the key, and USES air convection heat cooling system is not only expensive, take up the space, also not energy-saving. Therefore need to consider in other ways to solve the power consumption of the challenge.

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