S7- 1200 PLC using simulation PLCSIM use the steps - and function

by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
PLCSIM simulation software can be most function of PLC, the simulation can be used to in the absence of hardware, quickly familiar with PLC instructions and software operation.

S7 - 1200 PLC using simulation function has the following requirements: hardware requirements:

1, S7 - Firmware version must be 4 1200 PLC. 0 or higher.

2, S7 - Series 1200 f firmware version must be 4. 12 or higher version

software requirements:

S7 - PLCSIM V13 SP1 and above

S7 - PLCSIM simulation range

S7-1200 PLCSIM does not currently support the following process module: counting

motion control PID control

if you are in the project, using the above process module, when the simulation is likely to go wrong.

S7 - simulation software PLCSIM support S7 - almost All the instructions (1200 System function and system function block) , support the instruction method of use, the same as the real PLC. So can run normally in the simulation program, certainly can also run on physical PLC.

S7 - S7 - PLCSIM support 1200 communication instruction:



communication or is there a difference compared with physical simulation, specific can see PLCSIM manual.

PLCSIM use step

at Po road software simulation button and click on the S7 - can be started 1200 the emulator.

at this point, the simulators compact view of the dialog box will pop up:

button, click on the lower right corner to switch to the view of the project:

click the new button in the upper left corner, you can create a new simulation project.

then went back to bo path programming interface, the 1200 PLC controller in the selected items, click the download button will pop up the following download options dialog, choose the interface as shown in figure, and click 'search' button, and the compatibility devices dialog box, displays the emulator equipment:

select the device, click on the download, you can download the program to 1200 simulator. Download

after the success of the project, you can click on the start and stop button on the emulator, change the operating mode of the CPU, as the chart shown in red circle and the green circle:

in the PLCSIM project tree on the left you can see SIM table, users can add their own SIM table, then add the variables in the table, monitoring and modifying a variable's value.

below through an example to illustrate how to use the emulator SIM table.

to add a few simple variable I0 SIM in table 1. 0,。 0,M0。 0 and MB1 test:

at this time click the checkbox column 'a', to '. Values change 0:

by default, only the input point is allowed to change, Q point or M point changes as gray, only monitoring value cannot be changed. If you want to change the value of the input point, need to click on the toolbar 'enable/disable the input to modify' button, you can start the modification function of input variables.

after start the function, can has just set up Q points and the M variable for assignment operation:

simulation software is not complicated to use, more than I can skilled use soon.

relative physical operation, can don't have to worry about damage to the PLC, as far as possible, a big deal to build a project, start from scratch.

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