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by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
In practice, a system engineers are doing selection, choose S7 - for this system Or S7-200 system 300 system, the main depends on the maximum IO capacity system to loading. The current S7 - 200 PLC system IO capacity of 128 largest DI/DO 128, 32 AI/AO, such as system control digital or analog points beyond the prescribed scope of system and S7 - 200 system cannot meet the control requirements, mostly to S7 - 300 system to meet the requirements of application.

in recent years, the rapid development of industrial control industry, many of the mechanical equipment, such as a large plastic extruder, sewage treatment control, auto assembly lines, etc. , IO control points is beyond S7 - 200 system can achieve the ability, more users can only choose S7 - 300 system, we all know, the industry use 300 system and 200 system price differs very big, is several thousand less, many tens of thousands, which greatly improved the equipment manufacturing costs, reduce the market competitiveness. Based on the above requirements, the more the letter after many years of technology accumulation, for a better service and market, introduced based on S7 - 200 super ability to scale system solutions, products - independently - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IM265A frame extension module. Using S7 - 200 host expansion slot connection IM265 six modules the seventh behind after seven extension module, greatly expanded 200 system IO capacity. And simple to use, easy to programming, greatly satisfy the client application.

IM265A frame extension module chart is as follows:

product features: 1, easily extend 200 system capacity and extensible seven IO module, most scalable 14 after a single CPU module;

2, input double photoelectric isolation, support 80 cm bus extension, reliable and easy to install;

3, ontology IM265A module comes with 16 di/do, high performance-to-price ratio

system application example:

a wastewater treatment project in wuxi city, jiangsu province control objects including into Wells, enhance pump room, fine grille, the second pond, aerated grit chamber, blower room, biochemical reaction tank, such as ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, the channel, each key control areas are required to test parameters such as liquid level, temperature, PH value.

shown above industrial wastewater treatment system of electrical control system block diagram, combined with the control requirements and process, the control system consists of a combination of field control and remote control, the scene by the 200 host + OYES extension module + IM265 + OYES 200 series data acquisition module, detection of liquid level, temperature, PH, etc. , as follows:

IM265 module use method and matters needing attention:

1, IM265A provides bus power supply for subsequent extension module, without thinking about the bus power consumption

2, IM265A need to occupy IO slot, must be placed after the CPU module, 7 IM265 won't be able to identify

3, the total number of the module is more than 7, analog module as far as possible all placed on a CPU, IM265A place only after the digital module.

4, when using, IM265A lower left side of the power supply must meet, otherwise the module does not recognize the

5, IM265A module specific parameters, please see the letter module user manual.

conclusion: based on S7 - 200 system super ability to scale solutions, using S7 - Replacing parts of the S7-200 system + IM265 module 300 system that provides convenient technology for production, and cost savings, improve enterprise competitiveness, for the current general equipment manufacturers is a cost-effective automation control system solutions.

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