S7- Basic logic instructions detailed overview of the smart - 200

by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
With the constant development of PLC system structure at the same time, PLC programming language is becoming more and more rich, function also gradually improve, basic has four kinds: expression program ladder diagram and instruction list, logic diagram and the high-level language, ladder diagram is currently the most widely used a programming method. Ladder diagram ( 小伙子) , PLC is used the most graphical programming language, is one of the first programming language of PLC, ladder diagram was given in the form of a relay control circuit, the ladder diagram is commonly used in the logic of relay and contactor control based on simplified symbols evolved, possesses the characteristics of image, intuitive, practical and electrical workers are more likely to accept, is currently use most of a PLC programming language. In PLC program diagram, left and right busbar is similar to relay and contactor control power, the output coil similar to load, the input contact is similar to the button. Arrange ladder diagram consists of several class, from top to bottom, each class in the left bus bar, after contact and coil, bus stop at right.

relay control circuit with PLC control circuit

contactor interlocking positive &negative control circuit

PLC controller data storage area ( In 200 the SMART, for example)

basic logic instructions on

a logical order application, for example,

write up guaranteed stop control program, namely press I0. I0 zero, press the button. 1 stop motor Q0. Zero, as shown in figure:


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