S7- Between the PLC master station PROFIBUS - 300 DP communication explanation -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-06

S7 - With S7-300 The use of PROFIBUS - between 300 DP to master the main communication because two S7 - 300 PLC is a master station, and each site has its own DP network, if we put the two together can't be a DP network connection, because a network allowed to have only one master station, here we need a similar to 'translate' the same thing, DP/DP coupler

DP/DP coupler physical picture:

DP/DP coupler connection diagram:

from the above we can see that PLC controller1 and PLC2 has its own PROFIBUS - DP network, and in their network are the main, they through the DP/DP coupler for data exchange.

note: because of PROFIBUS - DP ( 1) And PROFIBUS - DP ( 2) Is two completely different network, so the communication rate between them can be different, can have its own DP from the station, the site address can be repeated

start to PROFIBUS - below The DP master station communication configuration:

the first step: to establish the PLC master station a, configuration data exchange area

configuration of master station a hardware, PROFIBUS - is established DP network

one of the main hardware configuration and data exchange configuration is complete, here we need to write down the address of the data exchange as shown in figure:

step 2: establish the PLC master station 2, configuration data exchange area

host 1 and host 2 hardware configuration and data exchange of configuration is complete, according to note down the main one in the first step of data exchange information, now the data exchange of corresponding relation is shown in figure:

in the host 1 and host 2 can directly use the configuration of data exchange of address for programming, don't need to address mapping

DP/DP coupler DP interface and address code instructions, as shown in figure:

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