S7- The lost lessons - 400 program

by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
A S7 - 400 PLC controller, appeared in the process of using network fault, after many inspection are still unable to troubleshooting, maintenance personnel is to restart the PLC.

to the scene and found the CPU running after, there was a communication card CP443 remain the state of the STOP, and there is a child standing on DP network connection is less than. Programming after the upload programs to check, found the child standing DP is the right address, at the same time, the configuration of the hardware is different also, found running the program is not final. Check the S7 400 PLC battery, two batteries didn't call the police, and switch on 1 position, eliminate weak batteries may cause a loss, suspected of maintenance personnel in the process of handling someone accidentally switch to the MRES PLC, tragedy happened, just like that.

it turns out that the equipment for a period of time before the move, add a piece of CP443 communication card, the hardware configuration and program modification, but in the process of transformation, the latest work program does not have to write a card, causing the inside of the memory card program or before moving, not the whole line equipment and communications, equipment linkage operation is not up.

find source program to download again, but manufacturer for our program can not be opened by S7 programming software, contact the manufacturer, manufacturer backup program they also can't open, manufacturers to find, find an original program, pass it on, the equipment can normal boot, but the PID control parameters cannot be modified data, check again, found that is not the final program, PID parameters of the corresponding data blocks on the operation panel instead of using a block of data. At this point, has 10 hours in the past, in order to ensure the production, so we have to through programming device according to the original records of the PID parameters on the operation panel is hard to write the data block, the normal operation of equipment.

equipment to run, only a brand, every changes all need to modify the parameters, but as long as the equipment can run normally, the pressure is much smaller, check the original can't open program, found itself without a s7link, after add a s7 links can be opened, but open to inspection, found that is not the final program, manufacturers original debugging technical personnel changes, also can't find the latest program, the device is still in the maintenance phase, had to go back to modify the program.

detail decides success or failure, the issue reflects a few not be details to:

it is the end the original factory debugging after the completion of the application does not have to write memory card;

2 it is we in use process not to do a good job of the backup program;

3 is our maintenance personnel to recognize and experience is insufficient, can not find out the fault by reset, rather than by monitoring, etc. To find the final reason.

4 manufacturers is not save a good final source program, cause the loss ultimately source program.

this seems won't happen, so as long as in the following segments will happen to any one detail situation happened.

really worth is summarized.

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