Schneider PLC share - two programming communication control instance

by:Coolmay     2020-06-15
1, UNTLW1 protocols used for on-line programming:

parameter setting and communication configuration check: a special programming with Premium cable 'TSXPCX3030 - C ( The USB interface, have special driver) 'By the commissioning TER mouth are connected with the CPU, connection, click a single column' PLC ( P) 'Menu, select' set address ( A) , 'pop up the following dialog

should be normal, as shown in the above circle 1 programmer for PLC model, such as without PLC model but the emulator, you have to toggle switch in the tutu on 3. Under the mode of PLC controller address ( A) Fill in the 'SYS', 'medium ( M) 'Choose' UNTLWO1 'click on the circle of 2' communication parameters 'button, pop up the following dialog

click on the' driver Settings 'button above circle, enter the following:

as middle ring 2 drop-down box select' UNITELWAY ', then select the second TAB ( Circle 1) 'UNITELWAY Driver' pop up as follows:

ensure the version number in Ⅵ circle above 1. More than 10 ( Contains 1. 10) , if less than 1. 10 please also install high version UNITELWAY driver, otherwise there may not even, click the circle above 2 'Configuration' button, pop-up a serial port Settings window is as follows:

select the above red circle indicates the first line, and then click the 'Edit' label box, can pop up below:

in the circle above 1 number shown in the drop-down box to select a serial port, such as programming cable has received the correct USB interface and the driver is installed correctly in this to be able to find a serial number, followed by a ( TSXPCX3030电缆) , pictured above, choose good after point circle 2 'Line Parameters' TAB, according to the serial communication Parameters set by the PLC program ( See 'how to check the PLC program internal communications parameters') , and to ensure the debugging computer serial port communication for communication cable distribution parameters are consistent ( But in desktop right-click 'my computer' - Select 'properties' - Select the 'hardware' TAB - Select 'device manager' to check the distribution parameters of serial interface communication) , after the modification point 'OK', 'OK' to save changes.

how to check the PLC program internal communications parameters:

double-click on tutu 1 communication mouth, pop-up dialog box as follows, Below circle 2 set parameters for program internal communications) 2,

TIP protocols used for on-line programming parameter setting and communication configuration check, the Ethernet programming in two kinds of circumstances, one is the first time to download, CPU without any configuration) , the other is a PU inside your own program configuration

1) First download ( There is no configuration) in the CPU , and the CFU of Ethernet address for the factory default value: the format of the IP address is 085 by default. 016xy,xx. yy,xx. Yy for the MAC address of the last two groups of data into a decimal. MAC address can see directly on the CPU or Ethernet module, such as the MAC address of 00 80 F4 01 12 to 20. After transformation by default 1 p address for 085. 016. 018. 032

( 3) Debug the computer's IP address is set to the same network segment (with the above address The former three parts) The online Settings. Click on the 'PLC (in the menu bar P) 'A single, select' set address ( A) , 'give the following dialog

should be normal, as shown in the above circle 1 programmer for PLC model, such as without PLC model but the emulator, you have a switch in the circle of above 3 ( This step should be in the 'generation ( B) 'Choose' to regenerate all items under a single, R) 'The program to generate the) , click on the circle when PLC mode 2 is shown in the drop-down menu, choose medium for the address in the 'circle' TCPIP 4 ( A) For U internal IP address, and finally click on the above, the determination of the right button.

2. Online download: according to the above steps after good communication parameter setting, the following figure ( The simulation mode screenshots)

attention to the inside of the circle above 5 check box, point 'transmission' began to download the program, when the download is complete in the pop-up dialog box points 'ok' to start the PLC program, displayed below:

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