Sea for application of PLC in the teaching practice, making performance - for teaching to replace the imported products Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
Premise: on September 29, 2015, xiamen sea for the company to send the PLC type is S16S0R, 24 v dc power supply of a PLC basic unit module, a programming cable and many data of the sea for PLC, check it on the data of the official website of the xiamen sea for science and technology co. , LTD. To download the software and the manual programming. After a period of study manual and practice, and found the sea of PLC characteristics: the first is good programming software, the most prominent point is easy to install, with simulation. Not happen a beginner programming software installation is not successful, or not after installation programming, programming after simulation. Teachers in the teaching, teaching students to install programming software is very much a content, all things are difficult before they are easy, guides the student portal is a very important work. In relatively popular in the European Japanese installed PLC programming software and simulation software of time-consuming, laborious in practice are sea install very smoothly for programming, simulation is also very easy to use. Secondly, hardware and other PLC as good, and at least a pulse output.

I am in class 2014 grade electrical, electromechanical level 2015 class of PLC teaching, the teaching practice of the domestic PLC application for sea was a success. Now write teaching examples are as follows: the intersection traffic signal programming

programming requirements: after the switch is closed, what direction the red light lit up after 25 seconds, north and south direction of the green light for 20 seconds, flashing 3 seconds ( Three times) To put out, yellow lights up for 2 seconds. The north and the south red lights light up 25 seconds things green light for 20 seconds, flashing 3 seconds ( Three times) To put out, yellow lights up for 2 seconds. Have been circulating.

figure 1: the element table

figure 2: the component annotation table

figure 3: the part program is shown in figure 1

figure 3: the part program figure 2 for the product is very good,

sea teaching application is very good, but also through continuous type is more and more big, believes that the teaching of days to replace imported products will be more and more close.

technology zone of sea for application of PLC controller in the teaching practice, to replace imported products to make achievements in teaching for sea C32S2R series PLC straight drinking water in village of constant pressure water supply control pump design scheme for sea C60S2R series PLC application in the film and packaging industry design for the C60S2R series PLC controller, realized in the conveyor belt speed of high speed and low speed synchronous control design schneider M258 series PLC application in the extrusion flow yeonpyeong membrane molding process plan design
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