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by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
One, the system is briefly JDWT quantitative packaging control system is a kind of widely used in building material, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, feed, etc of the packaging system. It is closely related to People's Daily life, the net content of the packet is when people consumption is an important basis to measure the quality of the product. For manufacturers, therefore, how to control the product of net content in the range of permissible error is a basic thought of the good product quality standards. This control system adopts the xiamen sea C16S2R host for the company, through the display control touch screen and JDWT01 weighing module and communication to complete quantitative packaging, on the premise of ensure accuracy of weighing, weighing as much as possible to improve its speed.

2, system configuration and specification 2. The main hardware configuration of 1 system

2. 2 the choice of PLC

PLC controller is the core of the whole control system, it takes the form of communication receiving touch screen monitor and control, and active reading the weighing of the weighing module to collect information, and other control functions. This system adopts the sea for C16S2R as controller, host comes with two communications, fit the demand. Host RS232 port to and touch screen communication, RS485 mouth used to read the weighing module weighing information, only one instruction can complete weighing information read, very convenient. And C series host low-cost, rich internal components of V register area 14847, 12287, intermediate relay timer 1024 enough users. Cost-effective, powerful features make it an ideal solution for a variety of small control tasks.

2。 3 weight acquisition module choice

in the quantitative weighing control system, weighing module is the core of data acquisition unit, its measurement performance directly affects the measurement precision of the system as a whole. To comprehensively consider module range, precision, stability, and the work environment factors, the system considering the popular master ARMSTM32 series CPU + AD7190 AD conversion module - - - - - - JDWT01 weighing module. JDWT01 module using 16-bit A/D conversion, high precision weighing industry is A good solution.

3, electrical schematic diagram and terminal definition 3. 1 electrical principle figure

3. 2 terminal definition

4, system design and debugging of 4. 1 difficult system

quantitative packaging process is a dynamic process of the movement of inertia, large lagging and nonlinear, request the change of the weight measuring current in the process of real time data, control the opening of the feeding mechanism to improve the control precision of the overall, but also should be considered in the process of weighing weighing speed of the system. Weighing precision and speed of the two complement each other, how to under the premise of the weighing accuracy is not affected, as far as possible to improve weighing speed is a difficulty of this system. Should find a balance point in the design, make the system have a better use value.

4。 2 control scheme

this system adopts three-level feeding method, divided into big shots, cic, small three ways. In a relatively short time using large cast into 80% of the rated weight - feeding way 85%, use the cic charge to 95% of the rated weight feeding way, using a small charge to the rated weight feeding way, before two kinds of feeding mode focuses on the weighing speed, the latter focuses on the weighing precision feeding way, settling the contradiction between the weighing efficiency and accuracy.

4。 3 actual debugging

according to actual needs, this system has designed two kinds of measurement model, a bucket is measurement, measured another to fight.

in a measurement mode, the system adopts double cylinder blanking method, the default choice flap edge blanking edge pattern of filling materials. Through debugging the picture to view the current cumulative weighing whether the bag number and net weight within the error range. Is debugging the picture and its control principle diagram below:

in no measurement mode, the system adopts double helix cutting method, the default is weighing after the bag. The same, also can through the debug screen to check the related information. No bucket, the basic principle of the measurement model and the principle of measurement model of basic consistent, here is no dou measurement model of debugging scenes and control principle diagram:

users in actual use in the process of film bag can be adjusted according to actual demand mode and frequency to meet production requirements, has higher flexibility. In addition can be read through the Modbus protocol state information remote I/O module, other additional function by programming can also be easily. After the user's initial experience, the weighing accuracy and speed of the system is to achieve expected standard, follow-up will also improve, achieve higher precision and faster speed.

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