Sea for PLC and weichuang servo motor in the application of silk screen machine control system design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
Screen is China's traditional industrial products, in many fields such as scientific research, production and living has extensive USES. Some used for guarding, steel net, window screening, also some used as highway barrier, chemical filtration, security, etc. Different USES of wire mesh, material, mesh, wire diameter, width, etc. All will be different. Although screen is varied, but most of the silk screen machine on market now, basic it is old purely mechanical linkage device, this equipment debugging trouble while he is not only in the net, but also is easy to appear the sword belt clip wire, broken wire, and so on and so forth. With this situation, this part mainly aimed at the band, reconstruction after the net when debugging the machine is convenient, greatly improving the degree of automation, greatly reduced the workload of staff, improve the production efficiency.

product selection: the scene is the sea for T16S0T host, shenzhen weichuang 2. 6 kw SD600 series of servo motor.

sea of T16S0T host comes with 2 200 k high-speed pulse input, 2 road 200 k high-speed pulse output, support absolute positioning, relative positioning, electrical origin definition, etc. , to meet the requirements of wire mesh machine control system.

shenzhen weichuang SD600 ac servo system USES digital motor control algorithm, entirely in software way to realize the current loop, position loop, speed loop closed loop servo control, has good adaptive ability, can be applied to the use of various occasions, to meet the requirements of the silk screen machine control system. Figure 1

electric control cabinet external figure

figure 2 electric control cabinet interior figure

process: screen machine is mainly divided into two parts, part is main part, another part is from shaft parts ( Band) 。 Spindle parts by a three-phase power frequency motor to drive, in the process of motor forward, back and forth mechanically connecting rod structure can realize the institution reciprocating motion, make fluctuation layer of silk thread clearance changes from small to big, from large to small again. Now transformed from shaft parts, through the encoder to detect the position of the spindle and speed, and then control the sword with top and bottom layer silk from shaft changes from small to big and from large to small in the process of the brushed finish.

figure 3 on the lower thread

figure 4 images before and after the transformation from the shaft

add figure 5 encoder

figure 6 corresponding to one revolution of the shaft Angle

figure 7 touch screen

this way will be set to 1000 copies of one revolution of the encoder, the spindle are in a different Angle, servo motor drives the sword away to the corresponding position, complete the corresponding action. The overall workflow as mentioned above, the difficulties of transformation is mainly on how to ensure that the position of the spindle rotation to need to pull a weft ( The intercellular space of thread on the second floor is just right, neither hook sword belt, silk screen and can guarantee the rigid) , from shaft in a timely manner to the corresponding location to complete secondary weft action ( Silk thread pull out the sword with action) 。 Secondary weft position varies depending on the screen size, its location is good or bad directly affect the quality of the entire screen, and its importance.

hardware configuration and the part program: in order to solve the difficulty of the project, the program USES the simulated mechanical method to implement the corresponding functions of connecting rod structure, using A/B phase 1 times the frequency of single period of comparative model to detect frequency and position of the spindle, spindle is detected location after using PLSY commands to quickly follow from the shaft to the corresponding position. Overall control requirements of the PLC and servo motor has faster response speed, the use of sea for PLC and weichuang servo motor of the normal operation of the machine, the effect is good.

PLC hardware configuration diagram:

figure 8 PLC controller hardware configuration diagram

figure 9 high-speed counter part program

figure 10 out and back to the sword part program

technology zone of sea for C series PLC in the automatic application of extracted oil palm fruit heater design sea 893 - for the application of PLC in machine design DCB sea series intelligent front-end in the application of PLC control system for PLC and weichuang servo motor in the application of silk screen machine control system design about the British witten DA200 series ac servo in the application of grinding machine, rounding
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