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by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
Introduction: with the development of economy, heating heating is becoming a social concern increasingly. Traditional heating heating with coal as an energy source, low efficiency, the environmental pollution is large, using electricity as energy is good to avoid such problems. It not only has high thermal efficiency, lower heating costs, but also has the advantages of environmental protection, temperature controlled. Based on the PLC as an example, the application of electrical energy to provide heat, through the central heating pipe system, the transfer heat radiator, detailed introduces the simple application of PLC in electric heating equipment.

key words: Haiwell ( The sea for) Domestic PLC digital quantity H04DT heating heating temperature module a, control requirements

figure 1 control plan

1. 1 press the start button the pump circulation water supply pipe, through the radiator to the room temperature;

1。 2 temperature detection sensor is used to inspect the water temperature, if the water temperature is lower than set value lower limit electric heating element began to heat; If the water temperature is higher than the set value ceiling electric heating element to stop heating;

1。 3 input type liquid level detection sensor for testing the current height of the water, if the water level below the lower limit value, open the inlet, when the water level is equal to or higher than water level set in time to stop adding water.

1。 4 when the liquid level is lower than the lower limit of an alarm, when press the stop button and alarm, when the temperature is higher than 5 degrees temperature limit alarm, should make the alarm signal is easy to distinguish.

two main hardware configuration, system 2. The selection of controller

controller to choose sea E16S2T, host their own DI 8 road, eight road DO transistor output, with two communications, each communication port can be programmed and networking, all can be used as the main or from the station. Support 1: N, N: 1, the N: N network supports all kinds of man-machine interface and configuration software, with communication function with any third party equipment ( Such as frequency converter, instrument, bar code reader, etc. ) Connected to the Internet.

2。 2 extension module

extension module selection module H04DT 4 road of temperature and humidity, can receive digital temperature sensor DS18B20, also can connect sensors SHT1x ( SHT7x) , DS18B20 temperature range for - among them 55~+125℃; Sensor SHT1x ( SHT7x) Can measure temperature can also measure the humidity and temperature range 40 ~ 123. 8 ℃, humidity is 0 ~ 100% RH. Support for multiple types of conversion accuracy, 9 - transformation precision 12. In this case because as long as the temperature measurement, so the choice DS18B20 sensors.

2。 3 the definition of input and output port

X0: start

X1: stop

X2: stop

X3: level lower limit a

X4: level cap of a

x 5: motor abnormal alarm

AI0: temperature detection sensor

Y0: pumps

Y1: electric heating element

Y2: add water valve

Y3, buzzer

3, part program

four advantages, system 4. 1 for sea powerful programming software simulation

sea for PLC built-in simulator, fully realize the simulation of the PLC controller program operation, in the middle of the programming process or a program to write, after the completion of simulators in fully available from the PLC program, to check whether the program is correct, greatly reduce the commissioning time, decrease the difficulty of debugging higher testing efficiency.

4。 2 H04DT module is simple and practical

H04DT compact, convenient and simple. Its used DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, the advantages of small volume, low hardware overhead, strong anti-jamming capability, high accuracy, can be accurate to 0. 065 ℃, convenient wiring, etc. The following diagram is wiring diagram for H04DT module DS18B20 and the sea:

4. 3 powerful analog processing

AI registers available direct access to the analog input, analog input support transformation of quantities, the sampling frequency setting and zero point correction. In the hardware configuration, we can add H04DT module, you can see the diagram below:

1, the module of 4 ai channel, each channel signal types can choose to DS18B20 or temperature and humidity sensor SHT11.

2, DS18B20 quantities - Corresponding to the actual temperature 550 ~ 1250 - 55 ℃ to 125 ℃, precisely to 0. 1℃。

3, DS18B20 resolution for 9 ~ 12, the corresponding distinguish the temperature of 0 respectively. 5℃、0. 25℃、0. 125 ℃ and 0. 0625 ℃, which can realize high precision temperature measurement. Resolution is the AD data bits, can choose in the hardware configuration, convenient convenient, don't write any conversion program, reduce programming time.

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