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by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
The customer request from electricity to closing time, monitoring relays have customer service call to the sea for the company technical support department consulting solutions. According to customer's requirement, we know that the relay action general absorption through the following process:

T1, T2 is electric action, time ignored; T4 and T5 is a mechanical action, the coil to overcome the spring force, finally we get time T:

from the theory analysis, for the relay is about 10 ms and time is faster, ordinary relay will reach tens of milliseconds. But if according to the formula, we can't provide the contact distance before accurate measurement cannot speed, the motion of relays in a short period of time, then, we have no way to measure the? Of course not. The following is the solution. Solutions:

relay time of fast absorption, if the general timer can be used to calculate and time, the error is bigger. In the sea for PLC provides a system clock, 16 us for the system registers SV49SV50, every 16 us register will automatically add 1.

have solved the problem of high precision timing, we need to have rapid response ability. The sea for the whole series PLC input X0 - switch quantity X7, respectively provided along the rising and falling edge capture interrupt, interrupt is not affected by PLC scan cycle, can achieve rapid response. Hardware wiring:

according to the customer's requirements and solutions, we draw a simple wiring diagram is as follows:

how it works: we use the PLC controller output Y0 drive relay coil KM0, at the same time the output signal received X0, Y0 trigger X0 rise along the interruption, and record the SV49SV50 time, when the relay is timeliness, normally open contact is a normally closed, the trigger X1 rise along the interruption, in the interrupt program recorded SV49SV50 time at this time, two records SV49SV50 time for subtraction, get relay from electricity to suck in this period of time, finally the units of 16 us time interval, switch to milliseconds can get this closed high precision time value. Programming:

in the first place in the sea as the hardware configuration of PLC programming software, check the edge as shown in the figure below:

main program: binding interrupt, and do many measurement data record

X0 rise along the interrupt program:

X1 rise along the interrupt program:

with the sea for the H series relay and a host of measurement time interval is as follows, Thirty times group 2) :

technology zone of PLC equipment remote management system, is applied to the advantage of sea port crane equipment management for PLC to detect relay from electricity to the closing time of solution for the British witten IVC1 - 2416 Mr Series PLC in the control system of the meal ladder application design the British witten design of PLC in the application of filter press industry intelligent gateway for the advantages of PLC data acquisition system
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