Sea for PLC to realize the sound of the fountain in the music fountain, light, water - perfect control design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
Preface: with the improvement of people's living standard and the establishment of green city is yearning, music fountain with its unique charm and special function, more and more become an important product in the entertainment industry, music fountain can wet ambient air, reduce dust, reduce the temperature, the fountain of tiny water droplets collision with air molecules, can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions gives soothing music, is beneficial to improve the community look and enhance residents' health of body and mind, in line with the concept of modern life, create a good living atmosphere.

a, project background music fountain set light, color, sound, namely control according to the special elements of music fountain pump operation and speed changes, combined with the change of the light to form a fountain, choose the sea for the PLC to control fountain control system, through the application of switch quantity the change of the switching frequency to control the music fountain and flickering lights, easy to use, reliable operation, simple control program design, the sea for PLC to realize the music fountain of sound, light, water, perfect control.

2, the system hardware configuration music fountain at the core of the system hardware is made of sea for T60S2R + H36D0R + 4 table H36D0T + S04AI, a complete set of control system of 250 multiple switch output points, the sea for PLC controller one-time communication capacity is big, the switch quantity ( Such as X, Y, M, T, C, SM) Up to 255 or 16 bits of data ( Such as V, SV, CCV, TCV, AI, AQ) To 48, had read so much data capacity, after the third party equipment ( Such as computer) In to PLC, and the real-time data read or set the process parameters of command, will have to monitor or to set the data at once communication operation, decrease The Times of communication can greatly improve the communication effect, enhance the immediacy of data real-time and control;

3, system design and debugging the sea for PLC controller with ordinary music fountain real-time control system composed of computer, giving full play to the advantages of the sea for PLC controller communication function, realize the upper machine and lower machine communication and control. By the sea for the PLC to complete fountain real-time control in various water type, lighting, run the fountain of the rapid change of action. Instructions for using sea communication, no matter how you use your communication protocol is simply a communication instruction can complete complex communication function, programming is simple and concise, no conflict, to send and receive control for communication port, communication interrupt handling problems such as trouble, can be mixed in a program using various protocols required to complete your all sorts of data exchange easily.

4, the sea for the advantage of PLC each communication port can be programmed and networking and can be used as the main or from the station. Support 1: N, N: 1, the N: N network, support a variety of man-machine interface and configuration software, can with communication function with any third party equipment ( Such as frequency converter, instrument, bar code reader, etc. ) Connected to the Internet.

the sea for PLC communication network diagram

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