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by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
A PLC, the sea so as to realize the function formula:

will often encountered in the production process control the function of the need to control the formula, the so-called formula control informally is according to the production of different types or batches of product in different control parameters are needed to control. Such as the production product A— — Parameter 1/2/3 XA/YA/ZA respectively; Production product B— — Parameter 1/2/3 XB/YB/ZB respectively; Production product C— — Parameter 1/2/3 XC/YC/ZC respectively. We can describe the production of this product as three formula, each recipe has three parameters.

generally formula function can be done by PC, but if in the absence of the configuration PC can only be realized through PLC program, here introduces two kinds of formula control management methods. Method one: block moving method; Method 2: indexed pointer method.

if we need to have five formula, each recipe has four parameters, first set up five & other; The initial register value table & throughout; , the parameters of each table to store a formula. The diagram below:

2, achieve the function formula & ndash; — Block moving method of application:

3, achieve the function formula & ndash; — Indexed pointer method of application:

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