Sea for T24S0T series PLC is applied to the floor rolling load test equipment - on the project Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-10
For testing equipment industry development trend, the PLC application in the industry is more and more popular, a convenient and improve the equipment development cycle, reliable and steady increase on the other hand, toward testing equipment intelligent development direction. Sea for T24S0T was applied to the floor rolling load test equipment projects, experience the various aspects performance indicators meet the requirement of contract development, obtain good effect.

project requirements, as shown in figure, install the floor according to the actual state ( Adjust the level, clearance) Placed on rolling test equipment, floor rolling load experiment was carried out. Rolling wheel for gum package surface of steel roller, the rolling test equipment can be installed at least three floors. Displacement sensors placed in the middle of the floor, tester, recorder properly connected by the requirement, loaded into the specified load values began to roll. Every scroll measure a lower orbit around 1000 times, repeated ten thousand times, round and and permanent deformation shall not exceed the specified value is qualified. Figure 1

project schematic diagram

parameters according to the test equipment development requirements, the project is decomposed into several parts, wheel load constant force, main application of stepping motor drive screw and slide to complete, top roller is equipped with torque sensor, PLC controller through the analog force sensor output feedback to control the step motor constant loading force, through the cylinder driving wheel torque part for reciprocating motion. Placed at the bottom of the floor displacement sensor, change the resistance value, change the voltage, determined by analog collected real-time collection.

figure 2 sea T24S0T and analog module for PLC S04XA

project need to use the sea to T24S0T, analog module S04XA, torque sensor and control module, a set of linear displacement sensor, the kunlun pass TPC7062KX, step by step to implement a set of displacement, the transmission cylinder, etc.

figure 3 control box panorama

figure 4 touch screen

figure 5 equipment panorama

figure 6 pulse output program

figure 7 linear PID control and pressure change application

use result by sea for application of PLC in the actual project design, found the sea of PLC is a very suitable for Chinese people to use PLC; Programming, simulation, help, all done very human. In the industry has a good competitive force, ratio of outstanding. Analog set, stepping control, etc. , without tedious setting and programming. Some use PID function, multiple machine interconnection is also very practical. Looking forward to the sea for the convenient movement and the intelligent network has better performance.

technology zone sea N60S2T series PLC in the soldering machine automatic control design for T24S0T series PLC application in the sea on the floor rolling load test equipment project yaskawa a1000 inverter used parameters and parameters of modify Settings for the T series PLC control system, used in accelerating seed germination equipment, improve the work of the seed sprouting sea for application of PLC in the teaching practice, to replace imported products to make achievements in teaching
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