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by:Coolmay     2020-06-11
Introduction: with the rapid development of modern production technology, our country urbanization push, growing number of small and medium-sized cities, as a result of the water pollution problem is increasingly serious, therefore the construction of sewage treatment plants has become a top priority. In recent years, small and medium-sized sewage plant ( Especially small sewage treatment plant) Construction is increasing, how to do a small sewage treatment plant to make its development in the direction of the highly automated and unmanned of duty has become many experts and engineering and technical personnel to pay special attention to problems. Zigbee is a new kind of short distance wireless communication technology, has a close, low power consumption, low cost, short time delay characteristics of sea for PLC product stability, superior performance, has gradually become the first selection of many sewage treatment factory. Based on the PLC as the controller, using sea H01ZB for research and development of new wireless Zigbee module and PC PC2ZB module, the gateway, introduces the sea for the application of PLC in small sewage treatment plant.

a, sewage treatment process

sewage treatment process flow diagram:

primary treatment of sewage by objects into the Wells by excluding large coarse grating preliminary impurities, then improve the pump room, sewage ascending to a certain height, to meet the total potential energy requirements of the sewage treatment process. Then sewage into the fine grid in the function block, filter out the smaller floating, floating, arrive after dealing with the physical in front of settling pool.

secondary processing: further treatment of refractory organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus can lead to eutrophication of water bodies such as soluble inorganic substances, commonly used A2 / O method is used here. A2 / O method has the following characteristics: low operating cost, and the advantages of biological nitrogen removal effect is good, is developed on the basis of traditional activated sludge process of A sewage treatment technology, including A2, namely A minus A, before an A on behalf of the Anaerobic ( Anaerobic) An A on behalf of Anoxic (after, A lack of oxygen) ; O stands for ( Aerobic) 。 A2 / O is a lack of oxygen - Anaerobic - Sewage treatment technology of peroxide.

tertiary treatment: the second pond, disinfection equipment and the sludge thickening and dewatering equipment, etc. Disinfection equipment mainly for sewage containing virus bacteria require uv or chlorine disinfection, the of the sewage treatment to the discharge standard. Sludge thickening equipment is to physical precipitation into the secondary treatment of sewage and sludge and water separation; Sludge dewatering equipment, its main function is to the activated sludge dehydration processing, mainly including the centrifugal dehydrator, after completion of sludge dewatering processing directly outside of landfill. Wastewater treatment network diagram

network diagram

2. The system main hardware configuration

2. 1, the sea for PLC

for PLC host comes with two communication port, can be extended to five communication mouth, each communication port can be programmed and networking, all can be used as the main or from the station. Support 1: N, N: 1, the N: N network, support a variety of man-machine interface and configuration software, can with communication function with any third party equipment ( Such as frequency converter, instrument, bar code reader, etc. ) Connected to the Internet.

2。 2, H01ZB module

HO1ZB module is a PLC is used to support the expansion of the wireless communication module between host. Extends the module of the host can use MODR communication/MODW instructions to realize the wireless way, speaking, reading and writing. A host most extensible 3 communication interface ( Extension module model can be used for H01ZB or S01RS communications extension module) 。

2。 3, PC2ZB module

PC2ZB is an extension module for the PC wireless communication. Through the module, HaiwellHappy between upper machine and expanded the H01ZB PLC host to wireless way online and read and write operations. Zigbee module is easy to use, without user configuration parameters, through the module's own DIP dial the code switch ( Set PANID, coordinator or a router) Can set up multiple independent communication network. Three advantages, system

1, the sea for all PLC programming software simulation of analog does not need to programmatically code value and transformation between the quantities. Reduce the scene of the programming and debugging time, convenient for the adjustment of the technical personnel, improve the work efficiency.

2, compared to the wired network, using zigbee wireless protocol network construction and maintenance cost greatly reduced. Users to form a good communication network, need to add a new device, no need new communications lines, just to add new equipment to have a good wireless network can realize system expansion, better extensibility.

3, the high degree of automation of the whole system, the system structure and running condition is good, the processed sewage direct emissions to achieve environmental protection request and follow-up maintenance cost is low, to be able to create a broader profit space for the sewage treatment plant.

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