Sensor signal how to connect with PLC -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02

for proximity switch, it is to give the PLC controller provides a position signal, corresponding to the PLC is two states, or have a signal, or no signal, is not zero, is a kind of digital signal. On automatic, semi-automatic operation equipment, position signal is one of the important conditions, if a position signal, no automatic or semi-automatic operation will not run because of the insufficient conditions.

this morning was just repaired a device like this. A four-column press machine, the staff to clean the equipment after the automatic is not running. I used to have a look, found that the lower limit of ejection cylinder workpiece position signal not, turn to the rear of the equipment utilization the metal end of the pen to inductive proximity switch, proximity switch indicator. Judge should be close to fast shut feedback to signal to the PLC line is broken, carefully check, found the break point. Should be the operators when cleaning accidentally broke the line.

for thermocouple or reflect the pressure of the pressure sensor, the signal is dynamic, they provide a moment is ten degrees, for a while may be it is nine degrees or higher temperature, the pressure signal of pressure sensor may be 10 MB may be twenty million mpa, the signal is not fixed, analog. This requires a temperature transmitter, or a data conversion module, converts the signal of thermocouple or pressure sensors provide a signal of PLC can read. PLC read the signals and after calculation, according to set good program beforehand, produce the corresponding output.

temperature or pressure signal is PLC controller control device can run automatically. Such as on a vulcanizing device PLC controller receives the huge difference between temperature and the temperature of program set in advance, the device will not run automatically, and will have corresponding tips on terminal operation. In order to prevent workpiece scrapped.

in addition must pay attention to don't let the noise of high voltage into the PLC signal input, in the event of such a situation will seriously damage the PLC.

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