Servo positioning control is realized in PLC and implement solutions - in the servo controller

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02
I have a pain over 300 DP communication control CU310DP servo drive, but returned when encountering the proximity switch, sometimes can't stop location in time, will move back some distance, close to switch to determine is good, don't know what's going on, which will affect a few places.

a: servo positioning control can be realized in the PLC, can also be implemented in the servo controller. Use PLC to realize, can choose 317 - T process type of CPU, built-in positioning control function. PLC through the communication send servo speed instruction, and to get to the PLC controller, servo feedback in the PLC to realize the control of position loop. This way is requirement for CPU and communication rate. With servo controller is implemented, is to use the controller integrated position control function. Siemens 611 u of old and new S120 controller integrated position control function. Implementation process is the PLC will target location, speed and other parameters to the corresponding parameters of the servo controller. And then through the control word trigger a servo controller of a motion block calls, servo controller will be done according to the parameters of data storage is a positioning. Located in execution process is controlled by the servo controller, don't need a PLC. Positioning servo drive returns after the completion of a complete signal to the PLC controller. This way of communication speed requirements is not high, the PLC with ordinary belt DP PLC can.

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