Siemens PLC and frequency conversion equipment of DP communication is introduced

by:Coolmay     2020-06-07
This article mainly through examples about PROFIBUS - DP fieldbus in the specific application of manufacturing, are introduced in detail through PROFIBUS - Siemens PLC and frequency conversion equipment DP communication hardware configuration, software programming and the inverter related parameters Settings.

in production application of industrial factories and mines, iron and steel metallurgy industry, in particular, through PROFIBUS - based on PLC DP fieldbus to control frequency conversion device, motor start, stop and speed control is the most common. Through a specific example below to tell the Siemens inverter with S7 - 300/400 of the PROFIBUS - During the process of DP communication.

a, hardware configuration of frequency converter

at the STEP 7 software to create a project, then a configuration of the mesh, and set a PROFIBUS - In PROIBUS DP - DP network, frequency converter Configuration> SIMOVERT folder, and set up good communication address range. As shown in the figure below:

2, establish communication DB block

generally, reading and writing data to do in a DB block, and the best and I set by the hardware configuration, O address same size to the size of the area, to establish corresponding relationship and management. As shown in the figure below, read the frequency converter of 12 bytes of data in DB0 ~ DB11, 12 bytes of data to a frequency converter in DB12 ~ DB23. Then can also deposit such as communication error code and other calculation data related to the frequency converter.

3, written communication program

general inquiry process sequence can be used to directly transfer STEP 7 code of software system can work

SFC14 ( DPRD_DAT) ,SFC15( DPWR_DAT) To implement. Routine segment is as follows:

CALL 14 / / frequency converter -> PLC SFC

LADDR: = w # 16 # 230 / / address: as the starting address of the hardware configuration, namely I Addess in 560

RET_VAL: = DB15. DBW24 / / error code: we can have specific meaning help

RECORD: = P# DB15. DBX0。 0 BYTE / 12 / transmission start address and length

CALL -> 15 / SFC/PLC controller converter

LADDR: = w # 16 # 230 / / address: as the starting address of the hardware configuration, the Q Addess in 560

RECORD: = P# DB15. DBX12. 0 BYTE / 12 / transmission start address and length

RET_VAL: = DB15. DBW26 / / error code: check help available specific meaning four, inverter parameter Settings

simple parameters of frequency converter is set in the following table

is to write the data of frequency converter and inverter k3001 ~ k3016 ( See the inverter using daqo function figure 120) Establish corresponding relationship, read the data of frequency converter is a corresponding relationship with the parameters of frequency converter P734. As shown in the figure below:

DB15. DBW12 ~ DB15。 Corresponding P734 DBW22 W01 ~ W06. B15. DBW0 ~ DB15。 The corresponding k3001 DBW11 ~ k3012. PLC reads the data of frequency converter can be done by setting the value of the parameter P734, PLC for the inverter data stored in a frequency converter k3001 ~ k3012, in inverter parameter Settings can be invoked, so as to set up a corresponding relationship with each other.

in this way, the inverter and the PLC connection has been basically established, you can write the program by PLC controller to control frequency converter, stop, speed for a given function, satisfies the requirement of process is given. At the same time also can read the frequency converter, according to the data through the upper machine to achieve the purpose of on-line monitoring and diagnosis.

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