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by:Coolmay     2020-06-07
Siemens S7 - And S7-200 300 series of programming cable communication methods is given priority to with PPI, so sometimes the connection is not so stable, the reason for that? If the exception we should be how to deal with? We should find out the causes and management of computer can't connect the PLC programming method.

a: programming cable damage or dial the code error, this does not need to say much anyway if cable damage are not connection, can only replace the cable; Dial the code error means that the communication format can't cooperate, is also unable to communication, need to change to the correct code.

2; PLC interface is unusual, this is the Siemens S7 - 200 communication mistakes up a situation, the case we can choose to reset or change the COM port, remember to backup programs before operation.


the first step: check whether the PLC station port is set to normal

step 2: remove the PLC controller internal data

the third step: or not, the COM port in a, try to reset the parameters.

three heavy current interference, a lot of people to the Siemens reflect, when close to high power converter in high voltage PPI signal interferes with Siemens D communication, as you can see that the stability of the Ethernet is stronger than the PPI. Phenomenon often appear this kind of question is could not establish connection with PLC controller, even change the PLC controller so, at this time should find the interference source, and close the interference sources can be connected.

four PLC communication module is damaged, it is also found in strong weaknesses mixed occasions, communication module damage but does not affect other modules, met this kind of situation can only download the old to the new PLC, this shows the importance of daily backup the PLC program. With Ethernet as the communication of the PLC will be stable, the majority of the situation is just a Ethernet setting error, then we will be set as the Ethernet and PLC an amount.

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