Siemens PLC control car 200 reciprocating motion resolution - case circuit

by:Coolmay     2020-06-07
In the electrical schematic diagram into the process of ladder diagram, truly achieve the one-to-one relationship, I0. 0 represents the input, the joint is the inside of the electrical schematic diagram start switch, stop switch, thermal protection relay, Q4. 0 represents the output, the answer is to control the motor and reversing contactor ( CJ) , in fact in after conversion circuit, only between the thermal protection relay and the real motor ac contactor, need to operate button all received the input end of the PLC controller. Is shown in the figure below, you can see the picture can realize interlock protection, and completed in the PLC interlock protection purpose is to make the two output Q4. 0 and Q4. 1 is not zero at the same time, in the first picture you can see, the PLC connection diagram is not completely in accordance with the electrical connection diagram design, it also connects the contactor in the outside, interlock protection of hardware, the reliability has been further improved.

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