Siemens PLC wiring diagram figure - physical - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-06-07
Siemens PLC input and output power supply connection

a lot of series of Siemens PLC, different series of its connection mode, connection method may not be the same. Here I'm S7200 said.

S7200, depending on the CPU CPU221, CPU222, CPU224, CPU224XP, CPU226, power supply mode is also different. Nothing more than two kinds of power supply, dc power supply + ac power supply. General terminals and a DC or AC id.

in the transistor output PLC, generally has two kinds of input and output types, respectively is input, the source input leakage, leakage model output, the output source type. According to different types, different connection, to prevent the current conflict, polarity may be burning point.

1, the leakage type input: 1 m termination Terminal +, an input signal.

2 type, source input: 1 m termination +, - the input signal terminal 。

3, leakage model output: 1 m termination , the input signal terminal load, the load at the other end connect +.

4 type, source output: 1 m termination , 1 l + +, input signal terminal load, load - on the other side 。

a certain model, the public end 1 m to 2 m can be polarity consistent at the same time.

Siemens module PLC wiring diagram commonly used Siemens S7-200 300 commonly used module wiring diagram

CPU315 + PS307 ( Power supply module) +SM321( DI module) +SM322( DO module)

Siemens S7 - 1200 commonly used module wiring diagram

CPU1214C + SM1223

Siemens 1500 commonly used module wiring diagram

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