Siemens S7 - 200 SMART PLC, rounding - the timer and counter and function of the instruction

by:Coolmay     2020-06-09
A, timer, S7 -

1 200 SMART CPU provides a delay timer, connect ( TON) , keep on delay timer ( TONR) , disconnect delay timer ( TOF) Three kinds of timers.

number 2, timer and resolution

1. 3, the timer instance analysis through to delay timer TON

type (2) keep on delay timer TONR

3. Disconnect the delay timer TOF

2, counter, S7 -

1 SMART CPU provides add counter (200 反恐组) , subtract counter ( 连续油管 , add and subtract counter ( CTUD) Three kinds of counter.

1. 2, counter examples analysis and counter CTU

(2) reduce count CTD

3. Add and subtract counter CTUD

3, cycle instruction, S7 -

1 SMART CPU offers the FOR - 200 The NEXT cycle instruction for repeat procedures section. Each need to use a NEXT instruction FOR instructions, instructions FOR the beginning of the loop body, said the NEXT instruction said the end of the loop body. 对- - - - - - NEXT cycle instruction cycle nesting depth can reach 8 layers.

2, cycle instruction sample analysis

by calling the FOR - The NEXT instruction to VW100, VW102,. 。 。 。 。 。 , 5 VW108 INT variables sum, sum the results of the deposit to the VW200.

4, shift and cycle instructions

1, overview

1. 2, the sample analysis shift instruction and example analysis of cyclic shift order

(2) the shift register instruction

above all, when M0. 0 a rising along the arrival, from V200. 4 start to count towards high address of 9 bits can shift in the direction of the high address, I0. The state of 0 will be sent to V200. 4.

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