Siemens S7 - Application - 300 series PLC in the cement industry Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-06
Abstract: with the energy problem increasingly brought to the attention of the countries, how to efficient use of energy and become the industry's most popular topic. Especially in our country, as a big country energy nervous, serious environmental pollution, low production efficiency have long-term energy waste lead to rising energy prices, to the state and enterprise to bring greater pressure, with the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, on the basis of industrial production equipment is becoming more and more high degree of automation requirements.

a, industry characteristics: the cement industry is a typical type of resources, high energy consumption industries. Because the price is low, cement freight become the important factor of restricting the cement sales scope, so the cement market and has a strong regional. Market price rising, as the market is saturated in recent years, the development of cement industry competition on the rise year by year. With the race for environmental problems and resource problems, energy efficiency, improve the efficiency of cement industry become a top priority of the cement industry is currently facing.

2, the system is: 1, the limestone crushing and conveying system

2, raw meal preparation homogenization system

4 3, pulverized coal preparation system, kiln firing system

5, exhaust gas treatment system, cement grinding and conveying system

3, system control: control of PLC in the cement industry is mainly used in the production line control box production equipment, such as mill in cement production line and cement production, raw material and clinker grinding, converter, such as ball mill production line, the part needed to control the ball mill grinding head, tail, bearing grinding, slipper and so on temperature, ingredients and cement material level of the library, sensor devices, such as the production process automation control includes two aspects of sequence control and process control. Sequence control is mainly realize the factory into the PLC controller of the motor, electric control equipment group and equipment operation of start-up and shutdown interlock, etc. ; Process control is mainly for the factory into the PLC temperature, pressure, speed, flow, level and other process parameters are collected, and based on such as valve opening, the given speed to adjust and control the production process.

cement production process equipment capacity of large, strong production continuity, quickness and the coordination of demand is high. In order to improve the production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, the production process automation in the development of modern cement industry occupies the important position. Using the Siemens S7 - The host and OYES - 300 300 series of I/O modules to cooperate, can well meet the cement industry is given priority to with switch quantity, simulation quantity is complementary and accompanied by a small amount of regulating loop control requirement, it not only effectively guarantee the production efficiency and stability, greatly improving the cement product quality, reduce the energy consumption and production cost, improve the overall Labour productivity at the same time.

epilogue: OYES - 300 series PLC application in the cement equipment production, stable and reliable control, high reliability and cost performance, greater help cement equipment production enterprises to save the cost and improve the market competitiveness.

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