Siemens s7 - The six parameters - 200

by:Coolmay     2020-06-06
1. Digital quantity input

such as table 1. 10, digital quantity input is divided into 24 VDC and 120/230 vac input type. 24 VDC is more commonly used, its input delay is lesser also. Only 6 es7221 - 1 ef22 - 0 xa0 this kind of model is the ac input. Table 1. 10 digital quantity input parameter

2. Digital output

digital output by type into the transistor, relay and thyristor output. Their respective features, such as table 1. 11. Only 6 es7222 - 1 ef22 - 0 xa0 for thyristor output. Pay special attention to, if you want to use the CPU integrated high-speed pulse output, must choose transistor output type of CPU, because can't achieve high frequency relay output.

3。 Analog input

due to the PLC controller can't handle continuous analog signal, analog signal takes modulus conversion, converted to digital signals can be identified by PLC controller. General analog input signal is current ( 0 - 20mA) The voltage ( 0 - 10 v or 0 5 v, etc. ) , thermal resistance and thermocouple, after analog-to-digital conversion of 0-32000 ( Single polarity) Or - 32000 - + 32000 ( Bipolar). The number of. The analog input section parameters such as table 1. 12 and table 1. 13.

4。 Analog output

PLC to an analog output signal, need to go through d/a conversion, using a 0-32000 - or - 32000 - Convert the digital quantity + 32000 actual analog signal. The output signal is current and voltage are optional. Some parameters such as table 1. 14.

5。 Profibus communication module is

Profibus communication module EM277, could only from standing for the Profibus or MPI, also support PPI protocol. This module does not take the place of S7 - 200 integrated communications. Some parameters such as table 1. 15

6。 Motion control module

motion control module EM253 integrated five input, output, at 6 o 'clock can realize all kinds of complicated positioning tasks, the pulse frequency to 200 KHZ. Some parameters such as table 1. 16.

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