Siemens S7 - With S7-1500 300年,S7 - 400 five advantages of PK and spectrum control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-06
The introduction

Siemens S7 - 1500 as Siemens by far the most powerful, the highest ratio of PLC, attention, many clients share Siemens Siemens S7 - today With S7-1500 300年,S7 - Contrasting several advantages as well as the spectrum of the PK 400 phase.

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first of all, it is more humanized design, choose the more easily accepted by engineering field personnel. S7- Module size than the S7-1500 Similar to the S7-300 slightly larger, stand Before 300, the connector installation has the connection position, and to provide specialized power components and shielding stent and line card, make more convenient wiring, higher reliability; Especially let engineers move is CPU configuration has LED display, easy to display the CPU state and fault information, etc.

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second, from the aspects of hardware, S7 - 1500 PLC processing speed faster, stronger networking ability, higher diagnostic capacity and safety, not only can save cost, improve production efficiency, and safe and reliable, simple and convenient maintenance, really become the factory of choice for customers and on-site maintenance personnel controller. For example, compared with S7 - 300/400,S7 - 1500 PLC controller adopts new backplane bus technology, USES the high baud rate and high transmission protocol, the signal processing speed; S7- All integrated CPU 1-1500 Three PROFINET interface, which can realize low cost rapid configuration on-site communication and network communication, and S7 - 300/400 PLC only individual type of CPU has PROFINET interface integration; S7- 1500 PLC module integrated diagnostic features, diagnostic level for the channel, the need for additional programming, when a failure occurs, can rapidly and accurately identify the affected channel, reduce downtime, this is S7 - 300/400 of the PLC can not reach.

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S7 - 1500 PLC configuration and programming is more efficient, more convenient information collection and view, this is the Gospel of the engineering designers. Because of the S7 - 1500 PLC is seamlessly integrated into the TIA Po road software, whether its hardware configuration, network connection and configuration, and the software programming, the operation simple and quick. And S7 - 300/400 special configuration of PLC programming software for the classic STEP7, upper for WinCC configuration software, relative to the TIA Po road software, some operation is complicated, For each block need each individual inventory, for example, when there are grammar mistakes, is unable to perform the save operation) 。 For S7 - 1500, can through the Internet browser, the built-in CPU screen, TIA Po road and HMI devices at any time check the CPU state, process variables and the fault information, etc. , and for S7 - 300/400 of the PLC, then there is no CPU display, no S7 - information collection and view 1500 PLC controller is convenient.

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relative to S7 - 300/400PLC, S7 - 1500 PLC support the type of data is more extensive. S7- 1500 PLC to 64 largest the length of the basic data types, and S7 - Support 300/400 PLC basic data types length of 32; S7- 1500 PLC support Pointer, Any, and the Variant three types of Pointer, S7 - 300/400 PLC only support the first two. These characteristics are S7 - 1500 PLC controller programming is more flexible.

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in addition, S7 - 1500 PLC motion control functions can be realized without using the other modules. By PLCopen technology, the controller can be connected using standard components support PROFIdrive various drive; In addition, S7 - 1500 PLC also supports all TRACE of CPU variables function, improve the efficiency of the debugging, optimize the performance of the drive and controller. Nodule

all in all, S7 - The function of 1500 PLC not only covers the vast majority of S7 - 300/400 of PLC, and worse, it is suitable for a wide range, and it has the incomparable advantage, make it in the future development, will be widely applied in various engineering fields.

S7 - Corresponding models 300 and 1500

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