Siemens series SMART controller design applications - in industrial dust removal system Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-06
Abstract: at present industrial dust removal system automation integration more and more high, this project is a small industrial dust removal project, the SMART series SR20 is adopted as the controller. Touch screen and PLC communication via Ethernet, PLC controller and frequency converter using USS protocol of communication. Through the touch screen on the system of monitoring and control, including valve system and fan frequency conversion system.

1。 Project introduction due to industrial sites will produce large amounts of waste gas dust, high purifying equipment that is as the filter cartridge filter dust is more and more widely applied in the atmospheric governance project. Dust removal system is composed of the following sections: filter cartridge dust collector, the outer fan, cyclone dust collector, pipeline system and electric control system. Electronic control system's main function is: the fan frequency conversion control, tube styles valve control and differential ash removal system. Considering the system is easy to control, and therefore choose a new generation of small Siemens automation products of SMART products as the control of the electric control system.

2。 Process principle is shown in figure 1

system block diagram is shown in figure 1

for the system composition block diagram, the system is composed of the following sections: cyclone dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector and dust removal fan, piping system, frequency conversion control system, and the differential inverse blow system online. Factory production the air containing dust particles, after a cyclone and two-stage filter cartridge filter, so as to achieve purification effect, the purification efficiency is as high as 99%. Dust removal fan power is 75 kw, the selection and the matching of Siemens MM430 inverter as its variable frequency speed regulating device. Cartridge filter is equipped with a pressure differential inverse blow system, online when the work after a certain time, filter cylinder surface adsorption dust, lead to differential pressure increases, the differential pressure counter blowing ash removal system is according to the preset threshold automatically clear grey.

3。 Scheme selection of 1) Overall selection

according to the actual needs of customers, considering that the system is simple, and cost into consideration. So choose small Siemens PLC and SMART LINE touch screen as control plan. Frequency converter to choose Siemens fan pump type MM430 inverter series, part system principle diagram as shown in figure 2 and figure 3.

(figure 2 system diagram A)

figure 3 system schematic diagram ( 2)

2) Electrical components list

based on the system design requirements, on the electrical components selection, listed in table 1. Table 1

electrical components list

3) PLC I/O port description

table 2 port definitions are

4) With two communication system communication SMART PLC ontology, an Ethernet and a serial port. Method using Ethernet communication of PLC and touch screen, PLC and inverter adopts Siemens special USS communication. Order to ensure the stable and reliable communication, communication connector recommend special joint adopts Siemens company.

4。 Device programming and debugging 1) Program design thinking

considering the control process is relatively simple, programs to write programs mainly consists of three parts: air valve detection module, inverter USS communication module, time parameter module.

2) Test number 18 electric valves

field work, a total of 18 styles valve need to inspect by PLC, and when there is less than 11 styles valve work, system has alarm output, prompt the user to open more air valve, guarantee the stability of dust removal system. Were measured in figure 4 is a set of air valve and other similar number 17. Figure 5 for the final statistics the number of air valve opening, and report to the police.

figure 4 to detect the electric air valve all the way

statistical figure 5 the total number of air valve

3) Frequency converter and PLC USS communication

the inverter and the SMART PLC of Siemens use special USS communication, can be directly call USS library function in the programming software, easy to use, as shown in figure 6. In this program mainly through USS to the frequency converter low frequency and high frequency, and through the operation of the touch screen to observe real-time frequency. Figure 8 by the USS to inverter input the lowest frequency.

figure 6 USS library

figure 7 USS initialization

lowest figure 8 write inverter frequency

4) System integrating electric time

as shown in figure 9, the program segment for statistical PLC on the cumulative working hours of electricity, with functions of power lost to keep.

figure 9 cumulative statistics system on electrical time

5) System interface

man-machine interface with Siemens SMART LINE series compact panel, 7 'panel is adopted in this project, with Ethernet interface, and SMART PLC through the interface to communicate. Figure 11. As one of its images, monitoring and control system of electric air valve working condition.

figure 10 boot interface

figure 11 air valve monitor interface

6) Control cabinet layout and site construction work status

figure 12 to 15 for the control cabinet field work condition and layout. Figure 12

control panel

figure 13 equipment installation site

figure 14 SMART PLC

figure 15 control cabinet internal layout

5. Application experience as a new generation of Siemens S7 - small automation field 200 SMART, can meet the needs of small automation design. Extension module is rich, according to the system requirements and combinations. Fully transplanted S7 - programming method 200 cn series, for domestic customers to use SMART series PLC, can easily switch to the platform, and programming software more miniaturization, low requirement to the system resources, programming interface adopts currently popular flat menu, advancing with The Times. This PLC ontology integration is another highlight the Ethernet interface, regardless of the configuration with touch screen, or connected to the PC, is very easy, fast communication and without using special communication cable. Hopes to launch more rich extension module of Siemens ag, enrich the product line.

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