Sifang C320 inverter parameter Settings and applications in kaiping machine is introduced

by:Coolmay     2020-06-27
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along with the demand of the market for security doors and the rise of leisure products in recent years, for the manufacture of raw materials of kaiping production efficiency and production technology put forward higher requirements. Here are some security doors company use shenzhen sifang electric co. , LTD. Production of C320 inverter as coarse whole of kaiping machine controller case.

2. Process description:

kaiping machine is divided into two whole roll process: first for the whole roll, the second for finishing roller, after a buffer pit in the middle. After raw material arrive at mesa, through hydraulic cutting die shear. The whole system process flow is as follows:

process flow diagram is shown in figure 1, kaiping machine

3, electrical components:

system rough whole part use sifang C320 sensorless vector inverter, finishing part use servo positioning precision, mitsubishi FX2N series PLC and man-machine interface parameter setting and operation control system.

1, through the man-machine interface to set the product size of the whole system, linear velocity and other parameters.

2, by mitsubishi PLC photoelectric sensor signal sampling, the coarse whole inverter control.

3, finishing servo part directly through the man-machine interface Settings.

4, coarse whole link using sifang electric C320-4 t0110 series inverter.

C320 type for sensorless vector inverter series, has a unique sensorless control technology, wide voltage design, low frequency high output torque, can completely meet the process requirements.

4, the control principle:

after coarse whole raw material reaches the buffer pit, the pit buffer to after finishing according to the size of the product set to mesa determine feet, then use hydraulic cutting die cut automatically fall down into the loading area. Coarse entire part to be traced to pit the position to adjust the speed of raw material, product size and linear velocity directly set on the touch screen. Consider the system cost, inverter multi period of speed control by PLC, by installing in a hole in the ground four photoelectric sensors to detect the location of the raw materials, and then send the position signal to PLC controller, controlled by the PLC controller frequency converter speed. Raw material position feedback in position 1 frequency converter speed, medium speed when in position 2, in position 3 when running at low speed, stop running at position 4 inverter. In the actual production line speed due to the thickness of the material and the size of the product, this requires that the inverter has good deceleration capability to follow up the speed of the production line.

5, C320 inverter parameter Settings:

F0. 0:1

non-inductive vector control F0. 1:9 external terminals to choose

F0. 4:0001 use external terminal control frequency inverter starting

F0. Now the acceleration time for 3 seconds

F0. 2 seconds for deceleration time

F1. 15:380

F1。 16:50

F1。 Time. 5

F1。 So 60 set motor rated parameters

F3. 0:1

F3。 1:2

F3。 2: more than 3 period of external terminals function definition

F5. 1:45 multistage speed frequency 1

F5. Section 2: more than 25 of speed frequency 2

F5. 4: more than 10 speed frequency 3

6, conclusion:

after debugging results show that using C320 kaiping machine control system composed of frequency converter, overcome the original electric control system in raw material accumulation, leading to problems such as product scraped a hole in the ground, completely meet the production process often frequent deceleration and torque change of the requirements.

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