Simple analysis - PLC technology and working principle

by:Coolmay     2020-06-09
PLC( PowerLineCommunication) The power line communication is refers to the use of power line transmission of data and voice signal a way of communication.

PLC technology and working principle of PLC ( PowerLineCommunication) The power line communication is refers to the use of power line transmission of data and voice signal a way of communication. So far, the PLC technology has a history of decades of development, each stage in the development of the technology, power system has got a different application. In the grid ( More than 35 kv) , medium voltage grid ( 10 kv - 35 kv) And low pressure ( Under 10 kv) All areas of the data transfer rate continuously improve of communication. At present, in the low-voltage distribution online transmission rate has expanded from 1 MBPS to 2 MBPS, 14 MBPS, 24 megabits per second, 45 MBPS and 100 MBPS and 200 MBPS high rate, transmission distance up to 300 meters. In medium voltage distribution network transmission technology, higher than 10 MBPS idea and scheme of data signals are increasingly aroused people's attention and successful development.

PLC works: powerline is an extremely unstable high noisy and strong attenuation of transmission channel, in order to achieve reliable power line high speed data communication, must solve all kinds of factors such as low voltage power distribution net: noise, impedance fluctuation, power distribution network structure, the electromagnetic compatibility and line impedance and the capacitive load caused by signal attenuation and other main factors that affect data transmission.

in order to solve the above in the low voltage distribution network for data transmission, the influence of various factors in the international range, low voltage power distribution network of high-speed data communication generally choose the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OFDM ( OrthogonalFrequencyDivisionMultiplexing) As a core modulation technique. OFDM technology using multiple narrowband is jiaozi, carrier, multi-channel data at the same time, each signal element for a long time, can avoid the interference between element. Available through dynamic selection of subcarrier, the technology can reduce the influence of narrow-band interference and frequency of valley point. OFDM technology originated in the 1960 s, mainly for the military high frequency communications systems. In the 70 s, with the discrete Fourier transform to realize the multicarrier modulation technique is put forward, and in recent years, digital signal processing ( DSP) The rapid development of technology, OFDM as a kind of can be effective against interference between the signal waveform of high speed transmission technology is widely used in civilian communications system. At present in the wireless local area network (LAN) have been adopted by the technology, the fourth generation mobile communication ( 4 g) OFDM technology will be used.

PLC several access solutions

at low voltage distribution network data transmission system in general, the header end ( 他) And the client ( CE) Composition. Head end general installation in the low-voltage distribution transformer outlet end, it mainly PLC controller to realize the high frequency signal and traditional broadband signal conversion to each other. PLC is the side through a power cable or inductive coupler, injection and extraction of high frequency PLC signal; On the other side by traditional telecom network connection, such as xDLS, optical fiber or Ethernet connection to the Internet. The user side is called the 'power' cat equipment, mainly by the interface, modem and coupling of three parts. The user's computer by Ethernet interface or USB interface, the common phone by RJ - 11 interface connected to the 'power' cat. To implement high-speed Internet access, IP phone and IP video and other multimedia access.

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