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by:Coolmay     2020-06-29
One, understand PLC programming way

structured programming, linear programming and modular programming. For Siemens PLC, with structured programming is given priority to, but you can use linear programming and modular programming, for structured programming, and need to have some ideas of structured programming. If you want to study Siemens PLC is faster, it is recommended that first learn linear programming or modular programming. In the process of learning slowly realize structured programming method.

2, basic knowledge of hardware

then before programming, need to know some basic knowledge of hardware, the best from the selection and drawing of hardware, such as the type of the input and output, analog selection after clear, then to start programming will be easier. Familiar with basic hardware circuit, you will find that the original ladder diagram and the hardware circuit can be very good for. Three, practice

learn more practice more, some guidance or further study relatively faster than their learning, but it is not absolute. First of all, buy a book about the PLC, and then have a PLC, according to the example of the book, myself thinking about a small project, to implement a function, their own independent do a PLC controller program, Siemens 200 series PLC is very suitable for beginners learning, easy to get started.

PLC software design also is very good now, if you have the hardware to cooperate better, if not to install a software, installation of a simulator, basic operation familiar, and then observe the PLC input/output changes. Before the program is not fully validated, suggest to disconnect the load, and all the IO, analog test is completed, and then run on load. Four, process

PLC programming focuses on the simulation of the original process, the control process are done by the program runs. So the core content is the process of program description. So you need to familiar with PLC controller program and the realization of the function of the basic language. PLC ladder diagram language points and statement and function diagram 3 kinds. Suitable functional diagram of stepping type of state function description, with not much. The most commonly used is the ladder diagram, the basic logic description, suitable for use in a statement table is suitable for the data processing, some relatively difficult to understand. Learn need to install the corresponding software, each manufacturer has a lot of differences, but are similar.

at the same time need to know how to move equipment, what information needs to read, how to control the scene of the equipment, how to achieve the best control effect, will close to understand the scene of the process.

5, basic automation related knowledge

1, the process control theory, including the principle and application of various control model is one of the most important two adjustment and the PID adjustment model. PID control is the most widely used means of process control, and varied. Need to know principle, know how to adjust the parameter. 2, process instrumentation hardware knowledge, including sensor, transmitter, Secondary instrument) And PLC itself, which is the foundation of the building control system; For example, two wire system, four wire system, voltage, current, PT100, the corresponding physical limits, vacuum conversion, etc. Six, good programming habits

1, the use of the familiar with the basic command of software; 2, write a public program block, such as valves, motor common block, etc. 3, reasonable distribution of the main program and subroutine and timing interruption program, etc. ; 4, variable naming, named after the function block, timer, named best follow certain principles, good readability; 5, reasonable distribution of data blocks, timer, counter, memory variables, etc. , pay attention to the position of a variable cannot overlap. Seven internal mechanism, software

every software is different, but the basic thing should include:

1, understand the accumulator instructions, status word, etc. 2, understanding addressing ways. SCM is very pay attention to this, for PLC, learn more about complex programming help. 3, understand the data formats, pay attention to the high and low distribution, this is too important, especially when communication and the third party. 4, understand a few commonly used registers and storage area. For example, a DB, M, I, Q, etc. 5, instruction form and the meaning of each part, whether it is A high-level language if then else, or PLC A AN JNB, part of the instruction and need to figure out the meaning of said.

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