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by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
PLC controller stepper system includes a pulse generator, microcontroller, stepper drives, stepper motor.

1, step motor, the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of open loop components. In the case of the overload, the motor speed depends on the pulse frequency and fine fraction.

send directly affect the speed pulse frequency, the larger the frequency, the greater the speed, of course not too big, torque will be less than, and step motor too fast will be lost and jitter

fine fractions, such as 1. 8 degrees of motor rotation step 1. 8 degrees, a circle of 360 degrees, so need to 200 steps. If you don't segment, as soon as I send 200 pulses can walk. Now I set subdivided into 2, that is, need a circle of 200 * 2 to 400 steps. I still keep the frequency 200 pulses a second, then a second walk only half a circle. The more precise positioning, segmentation, the greater the control speed will become low, this time can only improve the pulse frequency.

stop position of the motor depends on the pulse number of the hair.

under the condition of the fine points does not change. Send the pulse, the more the longer motor movement. If change the segmentation, such as the above analysis, will have an impact on the displacement.

in two points, when debugging must first determine the pulse points, in order to achieve the precise control of the location. For speed, we can compensate by increasing frequency. However, in some cases, given the frequency of the motor is not correct response PLC controller, needs the small segment in order to achieve a moderate state.

2, the working principle of stepper motor

stepper motor work is, in fact, the role of the electromagnet

when a particular phase of the stator excitation, it attracts a rotor, rotor tooth and the tooth on the phase of the stator poles. At this moment, a rotary Angle of the rotor. When in a phase to the rotor and a rotary Angle. So constantly take turns to electricity, rotor rotating non-stop.

can be seen from the figure, the motor running direction and we pass AB power phase sequence. The speed of the motor is associated with the frequency of our AB switch electricity. And, of course, this is a model diagram, stator winding ABC is not only three groups, so can be lined many groups, group 6, 9, 12 groups, different number of poles, which is a different interval Angle.

there is a concept, interval Angle, every step Angle, the number and motor stator winding, rotor teeth, motor structure. We don't need to dig in and get a motor, just need to know is a few motor, step away from the Angle of how many, how much voltage current.

3, about the stepper drives

stepper drives, can be seen from the principle of stepping motor rotation, to make the normal operation of stepping motor, must be regularly controlled stepper motor of each set of winding electric. Stepper driver receives the external signals is direction DIR and CP pulse signal.

if drive needs 5 v control signal, and we only have 24 v power supply, then need a 2 k series resistance. ( 24 v - 5V) / 10 ma = 2 k

4, stepper drives Settings

A, current Settings

according to the working current of the stepper motor, to drive the output current. The greater the current, the greater the torque.

B, the static current Settings

25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and so on the different division. Mean in stop state, drive to the stepper motor to lock it, and how much current continue to oh. This percentage is the percentage of the maximum output. In class load for ascension, this is useful, need to do work while static support gravity. So will adjust is larger. For horizontal load, stop state, under the condition of the rotor turn will not be dragged, this value is usually a tuning is relatively small.

C, segment set

in order to achieve accurate positioning control effective way. It has already been said, is not here.

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