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by:Coolmay     2020-06-02
1, the introduction

large bearings, coat of dividing, punch is the key process of bearing, its technological level and quality of high and low directly affect the quality of the bearing, life and the manufacturing cost. The large bearings, bearing industry is generally used to coat way of dividing people workpoint degrees, the indexing accuracy is low, the cumulative error is big, the efficiency is low, the worker labor intensity, improve the performance of the bearing have a big impact. We have developed a large CNC dividing head, PLC controller programmable controller, the control step motor drive worm gear and worm to automatic indexing of implementation artifacts, simple structure, low manufacture cost, better solve the practical problems in the production. Overall design 2,

stepper motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line open loop control elements of displacement. In the case of the overload, motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not affected by load change, which give the motor a pulse signal, a step from the Angle of motor is turning. Its important characteristic is only periodic error and no cumulative error. Stepper motor run must have driven by stepping motor drives the electronic devices, the device is the control system of the pulse signal into angular displacement of stepper motor, or: each send a pulse signal control system, through the drive to spin stepper motor step Angle. So the speed of the stepper motor is proportional to the pulse signal frequency. Therefore, controls the frequency of the step pulse signal, can accurate speed control on the motor; Control of stepper pulse number, can accurate positioning on the motor.

in our design CNC dividing head, sex is the use of this line, electric control using PLC, write indexing algorithm program to control the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, stepping motor drive worm gear and worm indexing implementation artifacts accurately, and can realize the adjustment, manual indexing and automatic indexing, and other electrical control.

electrical control scheme of PLC + stepper motor and can be subdivided drive + digital display. Choose DVP20EH00T PLC, AC220 v power supply 20 200 hz transistor output type; According to consider dividing precision requirement, can be subdivided drive and stepper motor, consider dividing the torque M = FR = fNR for parts, calculate the maximum torque for 27 nm. The torque-speed characteristic in the selection of step motor, choose 130 byg350a type three-phase hybrid stepping motor and supporting subdivision driver - MS 3H130M. PLC I/O configuration in the following table: I0. 0 / indexing Q0 adjustment. 0 pulse number I0. 1 stop Q0. 1 rise I0 faceplate. 2 step transposition Q0. I0 drop in 2 faceplate. 3 his card tight/loose Q0. 3 I0 fault instructions. 4 faceplate increase/decrease Q0. I0 4 direction. 5 automatic indexing Q0. 5钱数。 6 start/end Q0 adjustment. 6钱数。 7 Q0 drive signal. 7钱数。 10 - I0. Number 13 holes set the CNC dividing head installed in radial digital display ruler to control the radial size of dividing; Controlled by the PLC stepper motor axial degree. Operators launch power, the input points after degree, adjust/dividing switch in dividing location manually or automatically dividing can be realized. Dividing mechanism can be realized in the automatic indexing of loosen, rise, dividing, fall, and loosen the clamping sequence control.

3, indexing algorithm for the total number of hole for D2, the total number of pulse D0, dividing the pulse can be calculated as: D0 / D2 = D4 and D5 ( Remainder) 。 If the D5 = 0, each time step motor rotation, motor rotation control pulse are the D4. If the D5 indicates zero, D5 and half the number of holes, D2/2 = D8) Comparison, if less than half the number of holes, the stepper motor according to the first D4 pulse index, stepping motor each corner a degree Angle, remainder D5 accumulation time, when the cumulative number is greater than the D8, stepper motor is according to the D4 + 1 pulse index a, the cumulative number minus the remainder of the D2 - D4 + 1 pulse D5, and then according to the D4 pulse index, so on until completion degree; If the remainder is more than half the number of holes, stepper motor according to the first D4 + 1 pulse index, remainder in D2 - D5 accumulated, when the cumulative number is greater than the D8, stepper motor, according to the D4 pulse dividing a cumulative number at this point minus the D4 pulse remainder D5, and then press the D4 + 1 pulse dividing, so on finished until graduation. Such indexing algorithm, dividing error between hole and the hole is always less than a pulse equivalent, Angle error can be implemented in 3600 to 0 degree of accuracy.

4, the complimentary the large CNC dividing head applied to the bearing of 1000 mm to 2000 mm, the dividing of coats. The main advantage is: ( 1) Dividing precision is high. Drive under the highest 10000 working status, distributed between dividing error can be controlled in 7. 3 microns, can achieve 3600 Angle error of 0 degree accuracy requirements, meet the degree requirements artifacts. ( 2) High efficiency, fast indexing. Choose PLC maximum frequency of 200 hz, under the automatic indexing work status, 50 dividing work of hole is less than 10 minutes to complete. ( 3) A flexible and easy operation. The CNC dividing head adjustment ( Both degrees), , such as manual or automatic dividing electrical operation. Workpoint degrees way need to measure, such as line drawing takes work, step motor controlled by the PLC automatic indexing method only need to input points degree, degree of control can be realized. ( 4) The CNC dividing head is economic and practical. After put into use, better solve the coat before large bearings, the problems of index, improve the quality of the bearing products, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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