Straight drinking water in village of sea for C32S2R PLC design of constant pressure water supply control pump - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-12
A straight, application background is applied to constant pressure water supply of drinking water, negative on the first floor from the village water supply to the entire 12 layer building straight drinking water each room.

second, the application of PLC controller control program and control of water pump start-up time switch, the inverter with PID control output frequency, meet the needs of constant pressure water supply. Can realize high-level users of low pressure water doesn't happen, time and water pump switch each other also can prolong the service life of pump.

3, solution program, according to the requirement, because of the frequency converter, the relationship between the water pump contactor cannot stop, with variable frequency inverter will failure, so the application of TON instructions to delay start pump and delay stop, first stop the operation of the converter, and then stop the water pump contactor: CTU to statistics the pump running time with cumulative command, to a certain time to switch to another pump. Sea also provides for PLC simulation function, can do without when PLC online debugging program. Four, hardware configuration,

figure 1 sea for PLC C32S2R

5, the software design figure 2

6, use frequency conversion start program result for sea with Siemens PLC programming programming method is similar, the easier, and the simulation function, use very convenient, support the Chinese!

technology zone of sea for C32S2R series PLC straight drinking water in village of constant pressure water supply control pump design scheme for sea C60S2R series PLC application in the film and packaging industry design for the C60S2R series PLC, realized in the conveyor belt speed of high speed and low speed synchronous control design schneider M258 series PLC application in the extrusion flow yeonpyeong membrane molding process plan design schneider Zelio Logic series Logic controller used on cotton spinning frame design
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