Summary - learning PLC programming experience

by:Coolmay     2020-06-20

we are in the most familiar with programmable controller to say how to conduct theoretical study and practical operation. I think learning programming software is the most important is the combination of theory and practice, especially the programming software through learning theory is only learn very hard, must support a lot of practice, according to the distribution of time should be a third time to learning theory, two-thirds of the time for practice. It is conducted on time distribution; In learning methods have to be based on the method of step by step, after the first learn simple learning is difficult, after practice first! This study is targeted! ; On learning conditions, want to have a certain hardware configuration, some software programming needs a hardware to needle is to learn! Software simulation is the only real introduction to programming. Both PLC controller and single-chip microcomputer programming, or other programming should be like this!

in the end, if have superior guidance in learning to program can make learning difficulties to reduce a lot of, if not you can find some video programming, control video imitate also can yet be regarded as a method of learning to program, I just use the latter approach to learning programming

self-study programming is not age limit. Depends mainly on the following aspects:

1, is interested in programming. Interest is the source of power, not interested, just at the high salary or a job, is likely to remain too long. Learning is a marathon, and software must arouse their interest in learning, let interest to accompany you through the difficult the learning process.

2, whether to have certain knowledge base. Knowledge base is equivalent to the ladder, weak foundation, on the ground, if social climbers, and you need to spend much more time than others; Foundation is better, is on the roof, than some people spend less time, easier to learn.

3, if there is a chance to practice and practice. Software programming learning needs strong practice, and learning mathematics, understand it may be easier, but knowledge between loops and logic is very strong, if not constant practice, if you want to learn deep you will be very difficult. Programming is also a reason, a lot of knowledge, not only need to remember, need more of is practice, practice is the active practice alone, it is difficult to lasting, the reason is lack of driving force, the project practice is passive exercises, have mandatory, more suitable for high intensity exercise, effect is better.

4, whether to have appropriate teacher guidance. It is also very important, the role of the teacher is not only a woman, what is more important route planning learning, teaching learning method.

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