Summary - PLC control circuit design is analysed and the commonly used symbols

by:Coolmay     2020-06-13

1, the process design of PLC control system must first clear the whole design process of PLC controller in electric equipment to complete the control target, and then on the basis of determine the scope of the PLC in the electrical equipment control, according to the selection of the control system circuit to determine the corresponding hosts, according to the selected host choose corresponding supporting module.

2, PLCI/O interface address the design of the I/O interface design is very important part in the design of PLC system. On the one hand, from the software side, only after the I/O interface address to relevant software programming; For hardware and PLC periphery, on the other hand, only determine the I/O interface address before drawing, connection and assembly, etc. For the convenience of viewing and processing, in the process of general input/output address to determine the technical indexes and the code will be displayed in clear manner, such as the use of the form of EXCEL spreadsheets.

3, the design of PLC control system of PLC control system complete design is divided into two parts, respectively is a software system design and the hardware system design. For the software system design, generally refers to the writing of the application of PLC control system, PLC program can be divided into main program, and interrupt subroutine, it is used to control electrical equipment hardware and software; For hardware system design, generally have the anti-jamming measures of design, the selection of electrical equipment control components and electrical equipment control system design, etc. ( 1) Software design of PLC control system, PLC control system software design and have no fixed method, namely write an optimization software of PLC program and there is no shortcut, can only rely on the programmer's own ability and experience. Therefore, programmers ability and experience of the individual is the key to finish the work. PLC software design, of course, there are basic design methods, including flow chart method, logic algebra method and functional diagram method, etc. PLC program design, the general has five steps: first determine the start of the control system condition, shut off condition, etc. ; The second step is to determine the control program of the output object exists start-up or shut off the restriction conditions; The third step is to output objects shall be carried out in accordance with the standard equation of programming. No restriction conditions, using the equation:, have restricted conditions, using the equation:; Then generation into the known conditions, design a program of ladder diagram; Finally is to check modification of written procedures. Another issue to note is that the general control system design of had better use ladder diagram programming way, because the more intuitive programming ladder diagram relative to the statements.

( 2) Hardware design of PLC control system, PLC control system in electrical equipment hardware design process, is the core of the electrical equipment control system design, it is used to control the whole hardware operation of electrical equipment. Electrical equipment control system design is good or bad or not for electrical equipment can be normal use has very important influence; Anti-interference measures in electrical equipment design is mainly used to improve the stability of the control system hardware and software work as well as the impact on the environment's ability to adapt. General PLC anti-jamming design consists of three parts, one part is the power of the anti-interference design, mainly to control the interference of power grid. Another part is the input and output of the anti-interference design, primarily to control input/output current interference. The final part of the external wiring anti-interference design, mainly in order to prevent any interference between the external wiring; The selection of element also occupies very important position in the hardware design, the component is not appropriate, if choose for the impact on the hardware design of control system.

PLC controller control, cannot leave the design of the electrical circuit diagram, electrical graphic symbol, how to regulate the use of text symbols, need we usually get into the habit of drawing according to the national standards. Older designers used the original old logo graphic symbols, use the new national standard with a mixture of old and new phenomenon. And who graduated in the ninety s only to master the new standard.

in the mid - 80 - s, the national bureau of standards for the first time to release a batch of electrical drawings and electrical graphic symbol national standards, including GB 4728 'electrical diagrams with a graphical symbol' 13, GB 6988 'electric drawing seven, GB 5465' graphic symbol is used electrical equipment '2 item and GB 5094' project code in electrical technology, 'and so on. These standards according to the relevant IEC standards and related documentation. Original issued by the national bureau of standards in 1987, no. 079 of the electric field in the whole nation, pursuing notice electrical drawing and graphic symbols of national standards, regulations since 'on January 1, 1990, all the electrical technical documents and drawings shall be using the new national standards, are not allowed to use the old national standard again.

PLC electrical control, the use of electrical symbol map is relatively less, commonly used electrical symbols such as circuit breakers, contactors, relays, normally open normally closed button, electromagnetic valve, three-phase single-phase ac motor, dc motor, servo motor, transformer, reactor, mutual inductor, lights, buzzer, etc are very common, see the table below:

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