T48S2T transistor output type PLC, used for surface design - bag stitching machine Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
Foreword: face bag stitching work at present stage, mainly rely on intraocular way with side pockets on the equipment. Artificial labor intensity and low efficiency. This case, the automatic feeding double slit all-in-one appeared in front of the broad masses of users.

a, control demands are three frequency converter, PLC control two servo controller, and cooperate with multiple relay equipment.

2, PLC hardware configuration: T48S2T transistor output type PLC controller controller

choose sea for T48S2T, host external 220 v AC power supply, 28 DI, 20 road DO transistor output; Take two communication ( RS232+RS485) , two road 200 k high-speed pulse input, 2 road 200 k high-speed pulse output.

the system need to have 3 sets of frequency converter to feed speed, lest too fast for sewing quality is bad. And T48S2T host with RS485, can be used as the main and 3 frequency converter to realize high-speed communication function, the inverter running and speed instructions. Than with analog extension to save the cost. With the RS232 port with touch screen system, communication, setting of control process. Two way high-speed input connected to the encoder, measured the speed of the equipment. Two way high-speed pulse output connected to the servo controller, the control system of feeding and the feeding motion requirements. So choose T48S2T a host can easily realize the functional requirements, don't need extra purchase expansion unit. Don't need to increase unnecessary costs, save for the customer the use cost.

simple three, program, part of the sea for the PLC controller communication program, no matter you use which kinds of communication protocol is simply a communication instruction can complete complex communication function.

this example inverter $9600 baud rate, data format N, 8, 2, for example program written to the inverter frequency communication below.

this case of high-speed pulse input, the read operation distance and velocity of encoder.

this case of high-speed pulse output, control of the servo controller running distance and speed.

forward and inversion of control is the same with the writing principle.

4, summarize the sea for PLC controller is the high-quality goods in domestic, after prolonged use, its stability is high, fast processing speed. Very good completed the equipment meets the requirements of various complex movement, has been praised by users. The reliability of the equipment movement, let factory workers labor intensity decreased a lot. Get highly praise from the workers.

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