The application of PLC system in annular furnace - - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-09
The first link in annular furnace is seamless steel tube production, the heating quality directly affects the quality of the steel tube, the energy consumption and oxide sintered directly affects the cost of steel pipe. Therefore, the best guarantee annular furnace production status and furnace temperature automatic control is the key. Because the furnace control variable is more, with the conventional control method is hard to meet the requirements. In view of this, we adopt fuzzy control based on PLC controller technology, with Germany's Siemens S7 - 300 PLC as the controller, the stable and reliable powerful.

with Siemens WinCC software for monitoring and control system of platform development, to the operation of the monitoring system and feedback to show in a timely manner. The whole system a high degree of automation, stable operation.

first of all on the table in front of the furnace tube billet weighing positioning, meet the steel loading condition, the oven door to open, charging the car will pick up to the specified location in the furnace tube rounds, rising return, oven door closed, furnace bottom rotation Angle of a material level, and then prepared to hold the root material. Billet after preheating section, heating, heating section, soaking period, after soaking 2, meet the requirements after discharge, discharge the car to take out the pipe, the annular furnace work is done.

temperature fuzzy control system is adopted to establish the feedback model, using the method of combining feedforward and feedback, make their ratio close to burning best air-fuel ratio.

put on cart position - — Precise positioning of the car can be accurate to the clip blank. In this case, we select the Siemens 6 es70 series inverter and incremental encoder for car positioning. Because the car large inertia limit switch can play a role of limited, must be combined with the software in advance to slow down. But also because of billet length 2 m, 2. 5米,3米,3。 8 m, so the position is complicated, when blank length change, must be selected by PC in which need encoder readings.

bottom drive - — Furnace bottom is supported by supporting roller, centering roller fixed on activity, to prevent the furnace bottom running deviation, The bottom of the furnace transmission adopts hydraulic drive. Bottom if the key is to control the rotation Angle is the preset level Angle, must ensure that the discharging car after a large number of feeding can accurate positioning. We adopt is synchronous with the ring gear deceleration tray with incremental encoder, with accurate positioning.

furnace temperature of furnace pressure control - — Furnace temperature control system of the main purpose is to control the furnace temperature allowed range, and ensure the rationality of the burning, strive to achieve the best state of combustion. Furnace pressure control is also an important parameter, the pressure is too high, will be a lot of smoke, make a lot of heat loss, increase the loss; Furnace pressure too low will inhale large amounts of cold air, may cause burning steel. Furnace temperature furnace pressure must be controlled in a certain range.

control system design based on practical, easy operation and maintenance, the maximum meet the demand of annular furnace process, the principle of PLC controller centralized control and the process of upper machine and parameters monitoring. We adopt Siemens S7 - The 300 series PLC ( The CPU is 315 - 2 dp) , upper machine adopts industrial computer IPC610L research China, and is equipped with a UPS, using industrial Ethernet communication to communication between PLC and PC.

thermal control set a station on a machine as an operator, set an operator station furnace mechanical control, and concentrating a engineer stands for the generation of database, and the production process, continuous control circuit configuration and the configuration of sequence control. The system architecture has the following characteristics:

system includes PLC controller control station, the operator station and engineer station subsystem, etc. PLC control station to complete the production process data acquisition, processing, equipment of sequence control and regulation. The operator station, monitoring, and set up implementation process parameters display. Engineer station to realize system control program compiling, debugging and modification, maintenance and production management, etc.

by PROFIBUS - the system DP constitute a master-slave structure. SIEMATIC PLC S7 - 300, PC Wincc as master station, frequency converter and its remote I/O ET200M as from the station. Network coordination work stations in the system, the whole system is a network of large system. Advanced and reliable data distribution is reasonable, fast operation, easy to use.

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