The British witten PLC - in the application of pressure filter design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-08
Received the British witten PLC host IVC1 - Mar 2416 a, used similar PLC, after quite some familiar place, so the affection for some of the PLC.

positioning for small high performance PLC, the PLC integration DC24V input 24 points, one common; 16 points of relay output, 4 public side; The input voltage is 84 ~ 264 vac, wide voltage is necessary. Host also comes with two communications, this point is very honest, for communication occasions, it is very important. For communication function, I tested the designedly, stay in detail below.

said to the filter press the industrial products, small number of people are familiar with, is mainly used for solid-liquid separation. The material through the pressure to filter, and is widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other fields.

for program control pressure filter, is a process of sequence control, step by step, not lack of step, or jump step, due to the special working condition, also need to be done at any time suspend output automatic switch, emergency stop, manual operation, etc. This point, it is necessary through the programmable controller ( PLC) To control.

electrical control part is the control center of the whole system, it mainly by the frequency converter, PLC, protector, air switches, circuit breakers, intermediate relay, contactor, buttons, lights, etc.

automatic filter press working process of the transformation is to rely on PLC controller internal timer, counter, intermediate relay and PLC external trip switch, proximity switch, electric contact pressure gauge ( Pressure relay) Conversion, control button, etc.

the working process of the automatic filter press can be divided into high pressure unloading, opening and closing, loosen, turning board, plate, pressure, pressure and pressure, etc. , the process is:

high pressure unloading - — The flap open - — Loosen the - — Take the board - — Pull board -- — The flap closed - — Compression - — Pressure maintaining

in PLC for manual and automatic respectively made of two pieces, with a jump instruction to run the corresponding application:

in figure 1. Automatic control block

in figure 2. Manual block

use the manual/automatic switch button to jump instruction, manual jump automatically command, as shown in figure 1; Automatically when, on the other hand, as shown in figure 2.

for automatic program, using the step relay to control each working procedure, as shown in figure 3. Because of the need for manual/automatic operation at any time, all didn't use the function command sequence. I also try to use the function of the sequence diagram, by the way, feel not so comfortable, before is to use Siemens PLC, with skilled will be good.

in figure 3. Step relay

for manual application, using the alternate output commands, realized the function of single start-stop button, as shown in figure 4.

in figure 4. Alternate output instruction

of course indispensable reset the program, I put it into a subroutine, conditions in the main program, through the call, Figure 5 and figure 6) 。 The advantage is: can separate subrou tines exported to a file, each edit different program calls later can.

figure 5. In the main program call subroutine

figure 6. Double seat program

need to appreciate is that the British witten provide bulk reset instruction is in good condition, ZRST) 。

good design drawings, programmed to install power distribution cabinets, entity. Computer debugging, electrical cabinet attached pictures:

whole picture:

has to be said INVT communication function is not decoration, tested, I had a communication program using INVT and domestic hayley's inverter communication, no problem at all.

main program

communication subprogram, INVT PLC on the equipment has been running for a long time, fully adapt to the environment and conditions of filter press complex. Performance outstanding, the outward appearance is able to bear or endure look, the function instruction from soup to nuts, not inferior at European and Japanese PLC controller. Finally, if you have a good cost performance, hope good sales can do bigger and stronger leading domestic PLC.

technology section of the British witten IVC1 - 2416 Mr Series PLC in the control system of the meal ladder application design the British witten PLC in the application of pressure filter design industrial advantage in intelligent gateway is used in the PLC controller data acquisition system in PLC remote monitoring system for automobile gear manufacturing brought what advantage sea H01ZB for PLC + Zigbee wireless module, application in sewage treatment process design
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