The electrician learning - how can

by:Coolmay     2020-06-22
Both teaching and learning electrician introduction to the industry wants to leave the books, software is auxiliary function, the real content or from the book.

want to buy books can buy special electrical manual, can from the most basic electrical components inside graphical text symbols began to learn, understand the structure of components and connection mode step by step, slowly to the medium-term will come into contact with some electrical schematic diagram, then learn to general drawing figure, then according to the figure object to connect to.

there are a lot of similar books, such as electrician zero introductory, electrician crash course in ten days, etc. , the content of these books are too impatient, and a large part of the direct tell you control diagram and wiring method, but it does not tell you the principle of component and structure, can meet schematic diagram, but not necessarily can draw the schematic diagram.

this kind of books were suggested at the base to buy later, of course to learn electrical engineering also has a lot of direction, first to determine their own career direction is pure water electrician or want to expand into automatic control.

if you want to go to automation development, then the self-study of the road is very long, the proposal goes to study institutions, has a professional teachers with learning absorption also more quickly, and in the institutions can come into contact with a lot of physical objects, because let ourselves to buy PLC controller or inverter is not practical.

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