The electrolytic power supply system based on PLC control design - implementation process Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-26
L introduction

in general. Complex system structure, large volume, repair and maintenance is very inconvenient. Real-time control and, therefore, important to understand the status of the dc power supply system. So, the design of high power dc power supply intelligent monitoring system for monitoring and protection of the power device is necessary. 1 the system overall design

using the Siemens S7 - 200 programmable controller and TD200 text display, design of electrolytic manganese metal dc power monitoring and control system. 670 V / 26 kA electrolytic manganese power three-phase bridge type all control thyristor rectifier, the main circuit with buck parallel form. The power supply test system adopts the programmable controller ( PLC controller) As the core of the control device, the high power dc power supply equipment and communication network connection, detection and fault location. PLC with its variety extension module ( Such as analog extended module, communication module) Provide convenience for the realization of the acquisition, upload data. Intelligent detection system of basic composition is shown in figure 1.

the power test system, PLC, switch unit, analog unit, communication unit and TD200 text display unit constitute the main control unit module, and the transformation and the execution unit, used to implement the isolation between high voltage and low voltage power supply equipment, the corresponding fault or running parameters of signal transformation for the switch quantity or after isolation of analog signals into PLC controller, according to the output of the PLC for alarm and execution of tripping operation, TD200 text display is used to display the scene power system operation state, debugging and application so that the staff. 2 working principle of the system control

three-phase bridge type all control rectifier power supply device of the controlled object is mainly high voltage switch circuit breaker, the phase shift trigger circuit of trigger Angle, water cooler start-stop, tested object mainly is the water cooler if there is a failure, rectifier transformer oil temperature is too high, excessive weight gas, thyristor rectifier device is failure, the bridge arm was overheating, etc. Rectifier power supply device through a switch button on the control panel will point dynamic signal into PLC digital input point, through the PLC internal since keep processes in place, make the power switch and PLC will lift its blockade of trigger pulse rectifier device, that can be given a knob to adjust the size of a given voltage, change the trigger Angle, change the size of the output voltage. After high subsection brake signal to PLC, should first blockade rectification device of trigger pulse, and then delay for a few seconds, then automatic brake. The electric control system based on PLC control idea of the high power dc power supply system, still with a relay contactor control system is consistent, only on the control measures adopted advanced control equipment. As shown in figure 2 for three-phase bridge type all control rectifier from the source device's largest system of PLC hardware design principle diagram.

3 PLC control program block selects the subprogram flow chart, it is formed by fault detection subroutine, analog acquisition subroutine and display subroutine of several block. Department of molecular program diagram as shown in figure 3, figure 4, figure 5, figure 6. 4 conclusion

electrolytic power supply system based on PLC controller control to realize the required technical performance, using TD200 text display can display alarm content directly, convenient for the maintenance and debugging of operating personnel. System has been put into operation, the operation is good, for operators of the electrolytic power brings great convenience operation and real-time monitoring, achieve the expected control demand.

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