- the essential difference between PLC and single-chip microcomputer is analysed

by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
Want to understand what's the difference between PLC and single-chip microcomputer, search on the Internet a lot of, see head all big, or a mass of mist. Finally to the point of them some of the sentences, combined analysis summary seriously.

I think the difference of PLC and single-chip microcomputer should be:

1. PLC is the application of single chip control system more mature, mature and stable single chip microcomputer application system is debugging products. Has the strong versatility.

2。 And MCU can constitute a variety of application system, using a wider range. Single in terms of 'single chip microcomputer', it is a kind of integrated circuit, also must with other components and software structure system to application.

3。 From the perspective of the use of engineering, the single items of projects or repeated very few projects, PLC and convenience, high success rate, good reliability, but the cost is higher.

4。 As the large amount of supporting project, using single-chip microcomputer system has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, but it must have a considerable research and development strength and experience to make the system stable.

, in essence, the PLC is a set of MCU (already done A wide range of single chip microcomputer) System.

but PLC has its characteristic: the widely used PLC ladder diagram instead of a computer language, for programming has certain advantages. You can put the ladder diagram to understand to, a calculator, such as assembly language is a programming language, just use range is different! And usually it is by PLC software to convert your ladder diagram to C or assembly language ( Used by the PLC CPU decision) And then using assembler or C compiler system compiled into machine code! The PLC running just machine code. Ladder diagram just let users more easy to use.

as said, so the MCS - 51 microcontroller, of course, also can be used in the PLC, only eight CPU in some advanced application such as: a large number of operations ( Including the floating point arithmetic) , embedded system ( UCOS now can also be transplanted to the MCS - 51) Plus DSP, etc. , restrictive, but is already can satisfy the general requirements, and also using ladder diagram programming, we can put the ladder diagram into C51 reuse KEIL C51 compile. We also can find no models of PLC controller can choose different CPU, also shows that PLC is actually a set of single-chip computer system is ready.

so, of course you can also use MCU development control system directly, but for developers to request quite high, Is not general level can play) , long development cycle, high cost, Do you need to do a bit for some large system experiment, printed circuit board requires a considerable cost, you could say that you use the emulator, to develop with experimental board, but I want to tell you, do you just verify the feasibility of hardware and software, does not mean that can be used in industrial control system, the requirements for industrial control system against interference is very high, stable first, rather than the first performance, so your PCB design must constantly experiment, improve) 。 When you solve the problem of the above, you will find that you have done a PLC, of course, if you need other people can easy to use you still need to use a set of software, so that you can don't need to tell others your circuit. You can't tell others.

a PLC controller is not mysterious, PLC, it is very simple, its internal CPU in addition to speed, other functions than ordinary MCU. Usually PLC adopts 16-bit or 32-bit CPU, with 1 or 2 serial channel communication with the outside world, internal have a timer can, if you want to improve reliability plus a watchdog timer problem solved.

in addition, the key technology of PLC is its internal curing a can explain the ladder diagram language program and auxiliary communications, ladder diagram language interpreter efficiency determines the performance of PLC, communication program determines the difficulty of PLC to exchange information with the outside world. For simple applications, usually in the form of independent controller operation, do not need to exchange information with the outside world, the only internal curing can explain the ladder diagram language program. In fact, the design of PLC's main job is to explain the ladder diagram language program development. Now the single chip microcomputer can completely replace PLC. Before the single chip microcomputer because stability and resistance to electromagnetic interference ability is weak compared with those of PLC is that there is no way the MCU have achieved high stability and strong anti-interference ability in some areas has achieved replacement.

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