The letter the PLC in the plastic processing plants to improve the application of injection molding machine manipulator - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-23
Introduction: with the rapid development of plastic processing industry in our country, the automation of injection molding equipment is becoming more and more high. In order to improve the production efficiency, modern injection molding machine is configured with a manipulator. Manipulator can imitate human body upper part of the function, can automatically control the reservation request products or running tools for the operation of automated production equipment. In this paper, using the letter of PLC control of injection molding machine manipulator, the characteristics of flexible control using PLC, walking part of the configuration sliding guide rail, adopt bevel gear rack transmission and frequency control of motor speed control.

1, composed of manipulator injection manipulator of general by the executive system, drive system, control system and position detection system, etc. Implement and drive system is mainly designed to complete the normal function of the manipulator arm, mechanical components can be driven by hydraulic power operation to fetch put content of function. , is the core of the injection molding manipulator control system, through the study of the control of drive system, make the execution system according to the predetermined process. Position detection device is mainly used to control the movement of the manipulator, and feedback at any time the actual location of the actuator to control system, and setting the position of the comparison, and then adjusted by control system, in order to achieve the required control precision.

2, injection molding machine manipulator motion diagram

3, control requires a standard work cycle includes pictured above 13 basic action. In the case of different, the workings of a manipulator need to have a variety of options to respond to the job requirement changes. According to the actual working condition of the manipulator, the program must consider the following functions: 1) Automatic operation and manual operation two basic working mode; 2) Program must also provide back to the origin of function; 3) To facilitate the movement of manipulator single-step debugging, the function of the program must provide a single-step operation; 4) In order to cooperate with some special needs of the injection molding machine work, the program must provide the function of the single cycle operation.

4, the control system the design adopts the letter 224 ccpu ( With 14 di/do 10) As the master, to programming control of injection manipulator, basic unit, an external special units and the number of not more than seven special modules. PLC controller control is the biggest characteristic of small volume, strong function, fast response speed, high reliability. Don't need to do big changes on the hardware environment, at any time can depend on the different requirements of the production process, and extensible. Table below for the I/O distribution, the user can be programming (according to the table For reference only, according to the site shall be modified)

write programs, for each action control points must be correct, there was a mistake, avoid causing debugging program can be written, according to the distribution of the above points when writing according to the scene of the action is also needed to write production technology, adopts the man-machine interface for monitoring and operation, here it is recommended to use kingview software.

last word: this design using the very mature of PLC controller and frequency converter speed control technology, and is very mature and advanced mechanical transmission components, let the injection robots become more flexible and meet the needs of customers. Injection of manipulator is equipped with exclusively for injection molding production automation machinery, it can be reduce the heavy manual labor, improve working conditions and safety in production; Increase the productivity of the injection molding machine, stable product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises play a very important role.

technology section of the PLC and kingview, the letter in the new type wall material industry to realize the whole workshop equipment is programmed the letter the PLC controller in the plastic processing plants to improve the application of injection molding machine manipulator Pilz PSS 4000 automation system, boost natural gas pipeline to achieve highly automated operation and monitor PSS 4000 automation system, power Pilz potato chips production packing line high efficiency work of Siemens and soft holdings of the cooperation, boost development of tire manufacturing
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