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the arrival of the 21st century, especially in recent years the rapid development of the automatic control technology and computer technology, makes the high-tech is from intelligent building to intelligent residential district, the 'intelligent' has become the developers to develop the construction of residential quarters indispensable important content and the selling point. By the ministry of housing industrialization and the design department has established 'the national demonstration project of intelligent system in residential district construction key points and technical guidelines'. Guide to the function of intelligent systems made clear rules, to the general requirement of the intelligent residential is: high security; Comfortable living environment; Convenient way of communication; Integrated information service; Home intelligent system. For the type of residential district, the different living objects, construction standards, according to the functional requirements, technical, economic and reasonable combination, can be divided into one, Affordable) , two-star ( DiGaoXing) , three star ( Advanced) Three types. Affordable intelligent community is defined as the application of modern information technology, to fulfill the requirements of the following functions:

computer automatic administrative center in residential district;

automatic measurement such as water, electricity, gas and heat billing, implements the automatic monitoring management of safe guard system;

residential fire automatic alarm and harmful gas leakage;

residential emergency call system;

to centralized management for key equipment, facilities of the residence, implements remote monitoring for its running state.

according to the characteristics of this newspaper's dormitory area and management requirements, we have adopted a step-by-step implementation of the intelligent function to realize automatic measurement of water first, after conditions are ripe to automatic measurement of electricity, gas, step by step to realize residential emergency call system and automatic monitoring management of key equipment, and other functions. Based on the requirements, we must consider when choosing intelligent community system usability and scalability of the system. Now there are a lot of technical solutions, including most used is to use single chip computer to develop software, installed on the residential public place, with management center hosts connected with private sidings. Although this solution cost bottom, but the system software is not mature, poor reliability and extended functionality not easily in the future. Programmable controller has a good reliability ( The average trouble-free working time in more than 100000 hours) Instructions, easy programming, fast easy in extended functionality, and can offer open field bus, very suitable for the requirement of the high reliability of intelligent system in residential district. We adopt mitsubishi CC - The LINK field bus network successfully in zhejiang daily residential area and phoenix bamboo lane road residential district intelligent system, has been successfully implemented for water meter automatic meter reading function, obtained the very good effect, the system can easily extend the monitoring points at any time, realize other functions of intelligent residential.

two, system hardware structure and principle:

( A) CC- The Link description

( 2) Community composition of automatic meter reading system

to ensure the accuracy of meter reading system and inspection in the future, meter reading system using the LXSY - ningbo water meter factory production 20 e pulse meter as signal source, the water meter per cubic water out 10 pulses. In the civil engineering construction of residences in advance signal cable laying respectively by each household water meter to corridor remote I/O terminal box. Of zhejiang daily bamboo lane residential area more than 150 households, are all layers, a total of 14 units, each unit shall set up 16 points in the remote I/O a, the whole system set a host controller and LCD touch screen, LCD touch screen has Chinese page displays all the current water consumption, and can display the intelligent community of other information. Phoenix road residential area have multilayer the 6 12 units, each unit shall set up 16 points in the remote I/O

a, high-rise building, a total of 2 158 residents, 32 were set point three remote I/O, the rest of the same configuration.

( 3) The block diagram of the whole system is shown in figure:

3, system software part

due to more points in the automatic meter reading system, to improve programming efficiency, to develop PLC controller in detail the purpose of the internal components is very important, in the soft component distribution table of this system are as follows:

the running total time stay with 32 bit stored in batteries of register.

according to distribution table, soft component can be easily compiled PLC program.

4, the system of extensible function

( 1) Emergency call function.

in the intelligent residential installation emergency call button, when the child fire prevention, bandit or acute disease start the emergency call button, then real-time operation shown on the screen in the center of the community management need rescue resident address, get the help in time.

( 2) Remote monitoring function of the equipment.

in the village of key equipment such as power station, pump station, pools and elevators in accordance with the requirements of installation monitoring sensors on variable; Provide equipment state of passive contact signals, can be displayed real-time operation panel in the center of the community management by monitor equipment operation, in order to timely maintenance

( 3) Safety functions.

around the neighborhood to install infrared detector, in all sorts of security is the location of the need to set the alarm detector, only need to provide the switch contacts can be connected to the system.

all in all it is a practical intelligent community system, which accords with the situation of our country present stage since the system put into use to prove its stable and reliable. The system also can further realize and city area network, exchange information and cost functions such as automatic settlement, has certain promotion value.

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