The mitsubishi FX2N series transistor output type PLC to realize three dof manipulator system design -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-02

manipulator is a kind of can simulate human's arm movements, according to the set program, locus and requirement, instead of hands to grab a porter, mechanical and electrical integration of the automatic device running tool. Three dof manipulator is also called 3 d robot, can realize three degrees of freedom direction ( Horizontal, vertical and rotational) Fetching or place objects, has a large scope of operation, good flexibility, the characteristics of wide application.

the programmable controller ( PLC controller) Is a specially designed for industrial application of digital computing operation of electronic control unit. Since it has high reliability, strong function, simple programming, man-machine interface friendly and features such as widely used in industrial control systems.

step motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of open-loop actuators. Under the condition of non overload, motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number. The existence of a line of sex and stepper motor only the characteristics of periodic error and no accumulated error, make its application in the field of velocity and positioning control is very extensive.

manipulator by the drive mode can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and mechanical manipulator. Three dof manipulator belong to hybrid manipulator design in this paper, it combines the advantages of electric and pneumatic manipulator, saves the switch and the PLC I/O ports, and achieve the goal of the simple operation and accurate positioning.

1 three dof manipulator system structure and movement mode

three dof manipulator for cylindrical coordinates type. Figure 1 to the manipulator structure diagram, the left side of the manipulator arm movement ( Horizontal direction) By scaling stepper motor control, up and down, Vertical direction) By lifting step motor control, and counterclockwise clockwise movement is controlled by the chassis of dc motor and reversing. Clamping device USES the joint structure of the manipulator, the clamping and loosening of pneumatic drive is used, and is controlled by solenoid valves.

manipulator can be set according to the program of action the workpiece moving from A to B. SQ1, for SQ2 of SQ5 and SQ6 for limit switches on the horizontal and vertical direction, SQ3 and SQ4 is the light of the origin and destination location close to the switch.

2 3 dof manipulator control system design

three dof manipulator system set up way of manual work and automatic way to work. Automatic mode is divided into automatic back to the origin, single step, single cycle, four kinds of way to work. Hardware design 1

mitsubishi FX2N series transistor output type is used in the main control system of PLC, stepper motor drive select SH - The type 20403 modules. Manipulator of the external wiring diagram is shown in figure 2.

manipulator on top, most the right side, close to switch the X3 chassis to light and the origin of the clamping device to loosen said systems. X10 for manual control button, press the button, can carry out key switch X20 ~ X27 corresponding manual operation. X11 ~ X15 respectively in automatic way back to the origin, single step, single cycle and continuous working mode button, press of a button, and then press the start button X0, the work mode of action will be executed automatically. Only in a pulse signal (stepper motor Y0) And the direction signal ( Y2 or Y3) Input rotation, Y6, pulse signal Y0 Y7 choose to which step motor. Y5 gas solenoid valve control, realizes the clamping device of clamping and loosening. Y10, Y11 chassis control of dc motor and reversing. 2 software design

in choosing a single step, single cycle and the way of continuous work, systems should be in a state of origin. If you do not meet the conditions, can choose to return to the origin, the way to work, in turn, perform the following operations: upward movement is the highest limit the x1 - right movement to right limit X2 - clockwise to optical proximity switch X3 to loosen the clamping device.

manipulator automatic working sequence function diagram is shown in figure 3. Manipulator arm movement speed by the input pulse frequency control of step motor, mechanical hand down and left the distance is controlled by the pulse number, pulse frequency and pulse number can be set according to the actual situation of the industrial scene in the program, is repeatable.

this system USES PLC controller ladder diagram programming method of sequence. With PLSY pulse output command output pulse with MOV instruction set pulse number, after the specified pulse output, the instruction execution M8029 sign 1. Due to PLSY command can be used only once, and two stepper motors in the system all need pulse input, adopted in the design of two external relay to solve the problem. Will output Y0 pulse connected to two relay contact, at the same time two normally open contacts of relay respectively with two pieces of stepper motor drive pulse input terminal connected, Y6, Y7 receives the control end of the two relays, so that you can through the Y6, Y7 pulse input to control the step motor.

3 systems of the MCGS configuration environment

the MCGS is for industrial process control and real-time monitoring services in the field of general computer system software, with a fully functional, easy operation, good visibility, maintainability strong outstanding characteristic. Figure 4 work for 3 dof manipulator system when the MCGS configuration environment interface, it includes the main interface, manual work interface and automatic working interface.

4 knot language

after the commissioning, step motor running without shaking and out-of-step phenomenon occurs, the good operation of the manipulator system. Three dof manipulator system implementation of just three degrees of freedom in the direction of movement, according to the actual needs of industrial production, can be further improved, adding in the clamping device of the elbow wrist rotation control device, can make it become the four degrees of freedom robot control system. Under the conditions allow, also can use touch screen instead of the MCGS configuration environment to control the manipulator system, take up the space is little, so the human-computer interaction interface intuitive and convenient operation.

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