The monitoring equipment based on PC and Ethernet to improve tobacco production line - manufacturing and management Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-02
Project introduction

if there is no computer, in a tobacco factory calculate production is very tedious and error-prone. Based on PC monitoring system can automatically collect and record production data, greatly improve the efficiency of the factory management and equipment maintenance. On the basis of the combination of Ethernet communication, greatly optimized the tobacco production line of manufacturing and management.

this time, our customers as an brand strength of the tobacco manufacturers in China, in cooperation with research China, before the customer's production line is composed of programmable logic controller ( PLCs) Automation. However, they still need to rely on human to calculate the number of cigarettes and other materials, their engineer through human check and record the data stored in the PLCs, complete the data analysis.

in this project, based on the research to China PC monitoring equipment, installation and manufacture equipment, then the relevant data is displayed on the touch screen and transmitted to the control center, effectively reduce errors and improve the efficiency of management.

project demand tobacco factory production environment is complex, has all kinds of manufacturing equipment, including tobacco shred machine, drying machine, cigarette making machine, packaging machine, etc. The whole factory needs to have a wide range of temperature and voltage. Therefore, industrial-grade computer must be strong and reliable.

in addition, the IPCs requires PCI expansion slot, is used to insert CARDS and connected to production line of PLCs. Monitoring and control system, on the other hand, collect and transmit large amounts of data, need to have powerful CPU industrial PC and high-speed reliable Ethernet networks. Project

system architecture description

system research of huawei is the customer provides the monitoring equipment for this customer special design of the equipment. Each device adopts the embedded industrial computer UNO - no fan 3282 do internal equipment, 19 'touch LCD TFT LCD industry FPM - 3191 g as a front-end interface. FPM - 3191 g stainless steel casing and NEMA4 / IP65 aluminum alloy front panel design, can be realized in the harsh and high dust environment under normal operation of the equipment.

in addition, UNO - high-performance embedded industrial computer 3282 is a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, extension ability strong, can choose 2 PCI expansion slot or 1 PCIe and one PCI slot, PLCs connected device level. UNO- 3282 gigabit Ethernet front-end ports with grouping ability, can be connected to the Ethernet network monitoring equipment. Its network redundancy and backup power SRAM can ensure the consistency of Ethernet, even in the case of power failure or Ethernet network fault data can still be stable transmission.

equipment layer, tobacco manufacturing equipment and PLCs through ProfiBus protocol connection. UNO- 3282 data collected from these PLCs and transmitted to the central control room. The data show in industrial flat-panel display FPM - eventually 3191 g, users can easily read the display information, and can be sent via simple touch operation can complete command, etc. Conclusion

tobacco manufacturers use the monitoring and control system, production and equipment operation of all relevant data can be showed to the terminal, and stored in the database in real time. Including: cigarette production quantity, defective rate, PLCs state, etc. It effectively reduce the manpower and maintenance engineers. More important is that it improve the whole efficiency of management factory. With advanced technology research China bring cost-effective solutions for our customers.
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